Who is Wolfgang Halbig? 

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If it’s your first time here, there’s a good chance you just found out what a Sandy Hook Hoaxer is, and now you have a question like that stuck in your head: “Who is Wolfgang Halbig?”

I see that a lot. I’ve been occupying this URL for some time, and I see all sorts of searches, yes indeed. And there are many variations on this question, for example:

  • Exactly what the hell is wrong with Wolfgang Halbig?
  • How is it possible that this obvious lunatic Wolfgang Halbig is out walking the streets?
  • Isn’t there even one single person in Wolfgang Halbig’s family who cares about him and will just do something already?
  • How can I make sure that whatever happened to Wolfgang Halbig’s brain doesn’t happen to mine?

Well, the good news is, I’m here to help. 

The bad news is, the answers to these questions are complicated. 

You see, as of this writing, Wolfgang Halbig is a 73-year-old retired man, living all alone in a house in Florida, probably wondering how it all went wrong.

His scam to pretend he was exposing the “Sandy Hook Hoax” has bottomed out. His wife walked out on him, all of his businesses have failed, his much-touted lawsuits have all fizzled, no radio hosts will return his calls, the donations have dried up, and he’s racked up one legal defeat after another. He is openly referred to in court — by his co-defendant’s counsel, no less — as a “raving lunatic.” 

People all over the state of Florida, and across his own neighborhood, recognize Wolfgang Halbig as the broken-down old fool who has burned every bridge he ever crossed in life, and who occasionally is cause for a camera crew to visit, just to get a picture of one of the most loathed human beings in America. 

Even his own children want nothing to do with him (though this should not be confused with them actually taking responsibility for stopping the harm he inflicts on innocent people; they don’t want any of that either, unfortunately. See: “Family” section for details.)

He’s been turned away from every charity website, payment processor, and web host on the internet. Face-to-face, he has been informed by several churches and elementary schools, quite forcefully, that he is not welcome on their grounds ever again. Security guards circulate his picture before events, and whispers precede him wherever he goes — about the creepy, incoherent, slobbering old man who preys on the memories of children. He is, in short, a complete loser, a fraud, and an embarrassment to humanity. Now, as he nears the end of his life expectancy, there’s probably not one single soul anywhere on the planet who could look him in the eye and honestly tell them that they feel one bit of love for him. And deep down, he knows it.

So, all that’s got to suck!

But he didn’t start that way. What a lot of people don’t know is, decades before the events of 2012 that led to him becoming the leader of the fraudulent “Sandy Hook Hoax” conspiracy theory, Wolfgang Halbig began a long transformation into the beast he would become. He spent his life bouncing around different careers, studying how to fool and scare and exploit people, how to lie and get away with it, and more than anything, how to make money by exploiting tragedies.

His path through life is an oftentimes sickening, sometimes hilarious story, full of betrayals, humiliations, firings, lawsuits, and one catastrophic failure after another. Telling that story is what this blog is all about. I call it: Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig.

(The main source for my little analysis is gonna be The Hoax of a Lifetime, a free ebook published about Wolfgang Halbig in 2015. You can still find that version of Wolfgang’s story if you want, filed under The Halbig Archives, or by clicking here.)

Cheers, fellow Wolf-watchers! Stay tuned for more real soon. And remember: never turn your back on a Wolf.


Austin “Blade” Tompkins is a certified forklift and order-picker operator located in the province of Ontario. He was an active Sandy-Hook “hoaxer” from 2013 to 2014. He has been sober since 2015.

Happy Birthday Wolfgang Halbig!

Howdy, folks. Blade here. I’ve been hard at work polishing up Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig, in between shifts down at the warehouse. But I wanted to make sure we don’t go too long without acknowledging a very important event that happened in the meantime: Wolfgang Halbig turned 74 years old this past month!

Happy Birthday, Wolfgang! (It was August 10th, to be precise.)

Now we all know that when birthdays roll around, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on our lives, and where our path has taken us over the years. So today I thought we could take a look back at Wolfgang’s life, and see how things were unfolding during three of his previous birthdays. Sound good? Let’s go!

Wolfgang Halbig’s Favorite Position

First, let’s go all the way back to around the time of Wolfgang’s 24th birthday, in the summer of 1971. He was just getting into playing college football at Abilene Christian College at the time, after getting out of the Air Force. The local newspaper, the Abilene Report, mentioned this among a bunch of updates in their college-sports coverage, with the reporter noting that Wolf should be able to perform in that position “if the coaches leave him there.”  

What I like about this (this very, very unremarkable article) is that it results in the very first time that Wolfgang Halbig was ever quoted in the press, at the age of just 24, and already, it’s him being butt-hurt and whining over basically nothing. One gets the impression that Wolfgang was actually waiting at the newspaper stand with bated breath, all amped to read about himself and how much the team valued him… then saw what the article said, and immediately went to a nearby payphone to start his cry-fest. 

The next week, the paper issues a correction; there’s only this little fragment available online, but you can tell the reporter was annoyed at what a little baby Wolfgang was about the whole thing:

Wolfgang Halbig of Abilene Christian College telephoned to report he WILL be the Wildcats’ fullback this fall. We had reported that Halbig had been shifted to fullback and should add power “if the coaches leave him there.” Halbig was somewhat upset over the statement as he is confident he will be at fullback. We did not know anything Wolfgang didn’t know so will confess, Wolfgang, that you [fragment ends]

It must have seemed odd, that this big tough-looking dude would call the waaahmbulance over something so minor. But a few weeks later, we learn why Wolfgang was so sensitive about these details: because he only got his last position after someone better got hurt:

Halbig, 25, recently was sidelined with a bruised kidney and didn’t return to drills until Monday, although he’s been running through some passing patterns in shorts. His main challenge this year, he said, is to make the starting lineup. “I don’t want to make it this year because somebody is injured. I did it last year and I think it’s a poor way to have to start.” 

So, he knew his actual abilities on the field had relatively little to do with his success so far, and the suggestion that he might get moved to another spot from fullback, or that he was somehow untested in that role, triggered his insecurities. (These sorts of paranoid thoughts likely played a role in his surprise career change a few years later: he had been talking about going into coaching, or teaching, but then suddenly, quit the school district to go be a cop. He wasn’t any good at that either, but it would come in handy later when he got into the “school safety” racket.)

Vote for Wolfgang

For our next Wolfgang milestone, let’s jump forward to the 1980’s. It’s August of 1982 in Florida, and perhaps if Wolfgang had stuck with the law enforcement career track, he’d be busting cocaine smugglers while wearing a pastel blazer and loafers with no socks, like his colleagues down in Miami around that time. But no, after ‘ol Halbig quit coaching to join the Florida State Patrol, it wasn’t even 2 years before he turned in his badge. (His reasons for doing so are… let’s just say questionable. But that’s another post.) 

So now, at age 36, Wolfgang is back in the education game, and has become a family man. He’s teaching Driver’s Ed at Vanguard High School, but as always whenever he’s teaching, he has little side-hustle project going on too. (It seems like teaching was all he was left with after his coaching gig crashed and burned — see the chapter Hurricane Fail from the archived Hoax of a Lifetime — but he couldn’t ever see teaching students as more than a foot in the door to obtain something more lucrative, so he just goes from failing at one scheme to failing at another, until his retirement.)  

At this time, his side project was to try and get involved in local politics. This started when he was just trying to get a law passed that would make Driver’s Ed mandatory (basically guaranteeing himself employment). He succeeded there, and it must have been a real thrill, because then he started running for office! 

Wolfgang Halbig’s campaign ad from 1982

On August 26, 1982, the candidates for the District 5 School Board seat assembled for a public forum (which was held at a funeral home for some reason). Wolfgang had some public speaking experience from his years coaching, but little more than that at this point.  And he didn’t have long to make the case that change was needed at the school board. So, he chose to argue that the district was afraid to give failing grades to bad students… and used himself as the example:

“When it came time to attend college, Halbig said, he did not have the grades. ‘The school board is responsible. They have to answer to you.’ They had their chance; now it’s time to put a teacher in there who knows the needs’ of local students, Halbig said.”

It’s a bit difficult to parse exactly what point Halbig is trying to make here — especially since he did not “fail” as the black students he cites did, and he did go on to college. I guess his pitch is “as revenge for letting me graduate with failing grades, now you should elect me to the school board.” It’s a bold strategy, highlighting your lack of genuine achievement as a qualification all by itself. Perhaps it’s no surprise that this strategy was not enough to get Wolfgang into a position of power. He lost, and lost so badly that the newspaper didn’t even report his vote totals. But it wouldn’t be the end of his battles with school boards in Florida — or elsewhere.  

The Buzzkill Conspiracy

For our last stop on memory lane today, let’s jump ahead 16 years and see what Wolfgang was up to in August of 1998: he’s just turned 52, and has secured a position as the District Security Chief for Seminole County Schools. This is probably the height of his professional achievements, a role with a lot of visibility and responsibility… so of course, Wolfgang sees it as a stepping stone to something more lucrative, and he starts figuring out how he can exploit it. He and some of his buddies in the school safety racket are already making plans to shift over to the private sector (to collect some of that sweet, sweet, independent-contractor money that Wolfgang already has plenty of experience appropriating). But that’s a competitive industry, and they know they need an edge.

In addition to his role as Director of Security for all schools, Wolfgang is also an administrator at one specific school, Project Excel — an alternative school, for the district’s discipline cases. And one day that August, he learned that none other than the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, was going to be visiting his school!

At this point, something happens. Here’s how Wolfgang put it, when he wrote about the event in a later article, Breaking the Code of Silence:

One central Florida school district operates a Save-A-Friend hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is contracted out through a private company, which has people manning the phones at all hours. One morning, a call was received from a high school student, who anonymously reported that drugs were being sold in the high school parking lot before the start of the school day.

Under the protocol in place, the company contacted the district’s security director — who, in turn, alerted the high school resource officer. The officer went to the parking lot, where he saw someone talking with students arriving for classes. After the man was approached by the officer and questioned, he became defensive and left. The officer pursued and ultimately arrested the man. He was taken to the administrative office of the school, where he was searched. The search showed he was carrying 22 bags of marijuana.

That morning, a top political leader in Florida was visiting the school. Television reporters were covering his visit. When the district security director received the details of the incident, he immediately informed the principal. Unfortunately, fearing the glare of perceived negative publicity that would be associated with the confiscation of drugs on campus, the principal did not share what had just happened with his visitors. As a consequence of the principal’s silence, state legislative leaders were not made aware of how well the Save-A-Friend hotline worked that morning.

Halbig while working as a representative for security contractor Sonitrol

Note that the “private company” that Wolfgang does not name is in fact Sonitrol, a company he also will go to work for, and that several of his business partners also work for. By 2000, when Wolfgang and said partners have launched the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, Halbig is still pissed about this lost opportunity, retelling the story to a newspaper reporter… but oddly, the amount of seized cannabis shifts from 22 bags, to 28:

Halbig said the entire community needs to recognize that children will do illegal things, and come together to take preventive measures. An example: Around six months ago, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was to visit a high school campus. The morning of his visit school officials got a call from a student warning them that another student would be selling marijuana in the parking lot. Officials caught the student with 28 bags of marijuana, but the principal didn’t want Gov. Bush – and the hordes of reporters following him – to know about the bust. That frustrated Halbig, who thought it would have made a good learning opportunity about the value of working together to promote safety and lawful behavior in school. “Now Jeb Bush left that day thinking there’s not a problem. We have to share the good as well as the bad and not be afraid of it,” Halbig said.

This is another question that Wolfgang MUST answer, now that I think about it — what happened to the other 6 bags of contranband? Why is Wolfgang hiding this information? Did he smoke it? Did he sell it? Plant it on an innocent student? Personally it’s the not-knowing that really keeps me up at night… but Wolfgang refuses to answer these questions, so what else can we do but speculate?

Anyway, one thing you have to keep mind here is that the company Wolfgang was tied up with, Sonitrol, already had a contract for “tip lines” with the district, and was trying to expand that contract at the time. So in other words, on the day that the governor is visiting that specific school, the tip line that Wolfgang’s buddies profit from got an “anonymous” call that some drug dealing was going on, right where there’d be a chance that Jeb could witness the aspiring-contractor Halbig’s heroic actions in person. Serendipity!

Do you buy that? Because I don’t. I mean… it could be true, I wasn’t there after all. But it sounds to me like a more likely story is simply that Wolfgang knew there were dealers there every day, had failed to do anything about it so far, and then just called in the “tip” himself. Hell, it might even have been weeks or months prior when he first found out about this massive drug-dealing operation going on outside his school, and he chose to sit on it until he knew Jeb was in town.

Also, none of the articles name the person who was supposedly arrested, which is unusual. So maybe it’s completely made up? Maybe he just threw a few dozen ziploc baggies of lawn clippings in a drawer and told his boss he made a bust? Who knows!

Anyway, look, the weed wasn’t even the important thing: the REAL crime was that Jeb never even found out about Wolfgang’s heroism. That’s the part that really stuck with Wolfgang. He would stay mad about it for years.

And so in the years that follow, Wolfgang and his Sonitrol pals would repeatedly and shamelessly email Jeb, essentially begging for a contract (I’ll have to do a separate post just about those emails, they’re hilarious), trying to revive that opportunity that was lost in the parking lot of Project Excel that fateful morning. Maybe if things had gone differently, the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety could have landed that crucial bid, and flourished into a successful business. Wolfgang’s whole life could have gone differently after that… maybe he’d even be wealthy by now, and he’d have every school board in the state begging for his help. He could get back at all those professional educators who laughed at him over the years, and dominate them with his incredibly valuable and consistent ability to keep schools safe.

But it just wasn’t to be. He’d have to find another way to exact revenge on the education system that had so spurned his gifts. Yeah…. someday he’d show everyone…. somehow…

..Well, that’s all for today! Take care, fellow wolf-watchers, and one more time: Happy Birthday Halbig, from your biggest fan!


Austin “Blade” Tompkins is a certified forklift and order-picker operator located in the province of Ontario. He was an active Sandy-Hook “hoaxer” from 2013 to 2014. He has been sober since 2015.

Questions Wolfgang Halbig Must Answer




The well-known con man and fraud, Wolfgang Halbig, is on a mission. As the leader of the Sandy Hook Hoaxers, one of his schemes is to claim there are a number of “questions” that those impacted by the Sandy Hook case have not answered.

We have a few questions of our own for him. And unlike Wolfgang’s long-tired act, these questions really are unanswered.

Stop hiding, Wolf. Be a man. Tell the truth.

Here are SEVENTEEN of the MOST important questions that the gutless liar Halbig needs to answer:

Question #1 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:  

How is it even remotely possible that you were going to high school in America in 1965 and you didn’t know that the United States had a draft?

    • Seriously, nobody on your football team mentioned Vietnam once? You really expect people to belief this nonsense?
    • Were you trying to dodge the draft?


Question #2  Wolfgang MUST answer:  

Why did you try to make it look like you never worked at Lake Weir High?

    • You say on your resume that you were at Vanguard High School from 1975 to 1983. But when we look at what you were up to in 1978, the newspapers say you’d only been at Vanguard for one year at that point, and were about to leave. Why is that?
    • What happened at Lake Weir High School that you don’t want people to know about?


Question #3 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

Why were you planning to abandon the Lake Weir High School Hurricanes, right when the children needed you the most?

    • The school trusted you. You told everyone that “by game five you’ll be a different team.” But they were not a different team by game five – under your leadership, they lost every single game!
    • Even worse, you lied to those children about planning for the next two years with them. You were actually doing everything you could to ditch out on them and leave them without any coach for the next season. Some of those kids were probably aspiring college athletes, and you tanked their stats. Why would you lie like that? What sort of person does these things?


Question #4 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

Why don’t you include your stint at Sebring High anywhere on your resume?

  • You just completely leave out 1983-1985 in your career, why is that?
  • Is it because you stabbed somebody in the back again? Is that why you need to cover your tracks every few years?
  • Wasn’t it kind of stupid to dare people to look into your background, now that you think about it? Or do you legit not realize what a blatant scumbag you’ve been for your entire life?


Question #5 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

Why does your wife have so many aliases?

  • Is she hiding something?
  • What do you think it says about her, that she would choose Wolfgang Halbig to be her spouse?
  • How’s she doing these days, anyway? You guys good?


Question #6 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

Why did you and your wife get a divorce back in 1993?

    • What happened?
      • Did one of you have an affair?
      • Was it because of your career?
      • Or was it your mental state?
      • Why won’t you just answer these simple questions and put all the speculation to rest? What are you running from?
      • (You look tired by the way)


Question #7 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

Why have you been touting your experience as a U.S. Customs Inspector for more than twenty years, when you know that it was an entry-level part-time job at an airport, lasting one year at most?

  • Seriously your resume has more padding than a box of sanitary napkins.  Give it a rest.


Question #8 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

If you were such an informed Customs Inspector, why did you buy the Quadro Tracker scam hook-line-and-sinker, a product which the U.S. Customs Service had already declared to be a fraud?

  • Why were you trying to sell a phony bomb detector to the school you work at?
  • Can you imagine if there really was a bomb? Your incompetence would have endangered hundreds of lives at the school. And you were the director of school safety!!


Question #9 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

  • How did that student get his hands on your firearm? You’re a director of security for the school system and you let a student got ahold of your weapon?
    • Why didn’t you stop him? Who does that??


Question #10 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

What was the nature of your professional relationship with Mr. Marcum? 

    • Were you guys just really good friends? Who likes to make money together?
    • Did he give you a cut after you got the district to create a job for you?
    • Did you sell any services to his district after you left to go into the private sector?
    • Did you disclose any of this information to the district when you were signing all those contracts?
    • Were you surprised when someone finally called you out on all these conflicts of interest, and you subsequently lost that contract in Maryland?


Question #11 Wolfgang MUST answer:  

Why didn’t you, a former Florida state trooper, explain to your son that drunk driving is illegal and dangerous?

    • You were a driver’s-ed teacher too, did you teach all those students as poorly as you raised your son?
    • Why didn’t you instill in him any respect for safe driving, given the horrors you supposedly witnessed on Florida’s roadways?
    • Why would you allow your son to repeatedly violate the law like this, and endanger innocent people?


Question #12 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

Why did you keep hurting yourself on the job when you worked for various school districts in Florida?

  • Aren’t you a “national expert” on school and workplace safety? Your workplace is a school, and you can’t seem to keep even yourself safe there.
  • You’ve said many times over the years that districts should hire you because “teachers don’t know how to break up a fight,” but most of the injuries you filed for seem to involve you kicking your own ass in that process. How can you have done a job for that long and actually get worse at it?


Question #13 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

What exactly was your job in February 2005?

    • Are you a district employee, or a contractor?
    • Why were you bizarrely referred to as “the man running the safety program” but who is also “not allowed to speak on camera?”
    • Why weren’t you allowed to appear on television, anyway? It was okay in 1996, what happened?
    • What radio show did you appear on? Why don’t you talk about that ever?


Question #14 Wolfgang MUST answer:

What exactly is going on with you and your wife in summer of 2005? Why did you both quit your jobs?

  • Did your wife’s new position, with Lake County, turn out to be a more effective avenue into county tax coffers than yours had been?


Question #15 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: 

How is it that you were in charge of school safety when you let a student get your gun, AND you were in risk management when BOXES of your vital documents were left out for anyone to find?

  • Honestly, was this a joke or something?
  • How do you even find time to embarrass yourself this frequently?


Question #16 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: 

Why did you list on your 2012 resume under Lake County Public Schools “Director of Risk Management, 2005 – Current” when your contract was terminated in 2009?

    • Obviously, you’ve updated your resume after that, since it includes an entry for a corporation you didn’t even establish until 2012. So why didn’t you correct this part?


Question #17 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: 

How could you send those children into those filthy schools in Lake County, knowing about the toxic mold?

    • Why did you run away from the hazard without even telling anyone about it, rather than doing your job and protecting the students at staff at your school?
    • Where are the work orders you should have submitted to address this potentially very serious safety issue?

The Fall of Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig
An exhibit from Wolfgang Halbig’s slip-and-fall lawsuit from 2011, showing what some have described as his “sensitive knees”


January 2015: William Shanley’s trillion-dollar lawsuit is dismissed (though he goes on to file several more, with similar results):

March 13, 2015:During an appearance on The Richie Allen Show,” Wolfgang Halbig announces that he is possession of a firearm, and has trained to use it. [LINK]

There are things happening which caused me to go out and buy a handgun. And, I am taking precautions: I went back to the range, I’m qualified. I’m a sharpshooter. So, it’s sad I have to do these things.”

March 14, 2015: Jim Fetzer posts excerpt from an Alex Jones interview with Wolfgang Halbig.


HALBIG: “Well, you know what? They need to get ready, Alex, I’m coming. If you could be in my office right now today, beyond a reasonable doubt, we have all the evidence. People that anonymously have now come forward from Newtown. We now have documents that will, without a doubt, show that that school did not exist, it was not in operation.

Jones: “Well, You’d better release them as soon as possible or that’d end up, you know what happens to people. They’ll claim you suicided yourself or probably take some of your family out, claim you killed them and demonize you. That’s how they do it now — they kill you and your family.”

HALBIG:[with a big smile]: “Well, Alex, I saw my doctor the other day. I am not suicidal. I told my doctor I’m about as happy as can be. I got three great grandkids. But I’m telling you, the evidence that we have, right now I have an attorney here in Orlando, we filed a lawsuit. The judge here in Orlando allowed us to move forward. She granted me ten subpoenas to be issued two weeks ago, with discovery information. Alex, we are on the move.

March 9, 2015: ESTATE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION INC, the company against which Wolfgang had filed his second lawsuit for his January 2010 slip and fall,  offers Wolfgang a settlement of one hundred dollars.

April 9, 2015: Wolfgang Halbig rejects the $100 settlement from Errol Estates (not accepted within 30 days.) This results in the case moving forward. Several months later, Halbig loses the case, and is responsible for Errol’s court [costs].

April 20, 2015: Wolfgang’s attorney for the FOIA case, Kay Wilson, receives this correspondence advising them that a requested witness will not be attendance at their hearing.

April 23, 2015: The first of Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA Commission hearings convenes in Hartford, Connecticut. He makes no progress on any of his counts.

June 2, 2015: St. Rose of Lima incident. Wolfgang Halbig is observed by security at Newtown church. Security calls police, telling them “I’ve got two cars here from out of state that are videotaping children as they leave the school and the guy gave me a rough time about leaving. Wolfgang promptly leaves, shortly after they arrive on the scene.

June 3, 2015: A Connecticut FOIA Commission meeting is held, the second half of the court’s hearing of Wolfgang Halbig’s complaints against Newtown. Again, no significant progress is made on any of Sandy Hook Justice’s supposed goals, but Halbig latches onto a response from First Selectman Pat Llodra, who had been speculating that a hazard sign seen at Sandy Hook days after the shooting may have been placed there by “homeland security.” Halbig does not specify what this detail supposedly indicates. He merely says “thank you,” and giggles. He then proceeds to go on a donation drive for Sandy Hook Justice, saying “homeland security” as much as possible.

June 11, 2015: During a “Max Resistance Round Table” public online forum and chat,Wolfgang Halbig falsely claims that a man, apparently chosen at random from one of several CSP dashcam videos from 12/14, was in fact a “Connecticut EMS Director Region 1 Director,” publicly naming the official and accusing them of participation in a conspiracy.

The absurd allegation is quickly and soundly debunked , but not before the “EMS Director at Sandy Hook” story is set upon by legions of hoaxers that litter the internet with propaganda memes demonizing two innocent men.

July 1, 2015: The Connecticut FOIA commission releases its report Wolfgang Halbig’s complaint. In the report’s recommendations, set to be heard in a meeting the following week, Wolfgang Halbig is found to have already received every existing document that he requested. All of the Freedom of Information Act proceedings of the past several months thus accomplished nothing of consequence for Sandy Hook Justice.

July 8, 2015: The final meeting for Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA case is held, and the July 1 recommendations are approved. Wolfgang interrupts the proceedings, loudly storming out and losing all composure.

In the corridor just after the meeting’s conclusion, a sound and video recording captures Halbig threatening Mr. Frank, who is passing by on his way out of the courthouse. Halbig taunts that he is going to “find” Mr. Frank, as well as “find” one of the deceased child victims at Sandy Hook, Avielle Richman:

“We’re going to find Mr. Monte Frank, and Avielle Richman! Guess what there, Mr. Frank, what do you think? You’re protecting all of those people? Are you protecting Avielle Richman? Avielle Richman, you’re in the synagogue!”

July 27, 2015: Paypal, possibly the last remaining online payment system that Sandy Hook Justice can receive donations through, terminates Sandy Hook Justice’s account.

August 11, 2015: Wolfgang Halbig loses in his court battle against one of several anonymous “bloggers,” (see November 19 2014interview) resulting in a judgement of nearly $23,000 against Halbig, who again achieves absolutely nothing toward his goals, professed or otherwise.

Sept 11, 2015: Len Pozner sues Wolfgang Halbig.

Chapter 12: Year of the Wolf

Wolfgang Halbig

“I pray to God that I’m wrong. And if I’m wrong, I’m gonna march right into [a] mental hospital, I’m gonna enroll myself. Because, I’m serious, my wife is ready to divorce me. I’ve been married 42 years, I’ve got two beautiful sons, three granddaughters, my wife actually believes ‘how dare you question those parents who lost children at Sandy Hook?’ and I said ‘how do you know they died?'” – Wolfgang Halbig, October 6 2014


January 17 2014: Facebook comment from Wolfgang Halbig suggests that Sandy Hook has occupied the same place in his psyche that his obsession with President Obama had in years previous.

January 22, 2014: Wolfgang sends the following email (according to Professor James F. Tracy of Florida Atlantic University) suggesting that Lake County homicide detectives had paid him a visit at some point.

From: Wolfgang Halbig

To: Vance and Kehoe

January 22, 2014

Subject: Why would one of you send Homicide Detectives to my home and Threaten me with Felony Arrest by CT State Police?

Vance and Kehoe;

I do not know which one you of you had the idea that by having the Lake County, Florida Sheriffs Homicide Detectives show up at my house and threatened me with Felony arrest by the CT State Police if I did not stop asking questions about Sandy Hook Shooting.

You want me to stop asking questions in light of the fact that you both have yet to respond to any of my Ct Freedom of Information Act requests for the past 9 months, you both should be arrested for failing to comply with CT State Laws.

I have served honorably in the Military during Vietnam, I served as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Fl, I worked as United States Customs Inspector at both International AIrports and Seaports.

I graduated at the top of my class at the Florida Highway Patrol Academy and that is why my class elected me as their class president to speak at our graduation.

What you two are doing is just unbelievable and I cannot believe that the law enforcement community across the United States is accepting the Danbury State Attorney report without the FBI Classified Investigative information included.

What in the world needs to be Classified by the FBI?

    • You stated that there was just one suspect and he shot himself in the classroom. Is that correct?
    • He shot 20 children and six school staff members. Is that correct?
    • He fired 153 rounds using both handguns and a .223 Bushmaster rifle as you stated. Is that correct?
    • He shot his way through the front glass door. Is that correct?
    • He parked his black Honda civic in the front parent drop off area with all four car doors wide open as Barbara Sibley a parent witness observed. Is that correct?
    • He left a 12 gauge Ithaca shotgun in the front seat of the black Honda civic. Is that correct?
    • He took approximately 11 minutes inside the school to kill 20 children and 6 school staff members. Is that correct?

So what has to be CLASSIFIED BY THE FBI?

THE WHY’S??????????????

    • Why NO Life Star Trauma Helicopter on Dec 14, 2012 since you use them in every active shooter drill when the news media covers your stories. WHY?
    • Why did you not allow the Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school after 11 minutes?
    • Who was the person who declared all 24 children and six school staff members legally dead? Who?
    • Why did it take over an hour to transport someone to the hospital?
    • Why do you have a 50 to 60 year old women being transported by ambulance as Natalie Hammond when Natalie Hammond is only 40 years old? Why pretend?
    • Why have 26 small Christmas trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer fire house on Dec 14, 2012 and then decorate them on Dec 15, 2012 after the shooting? Why?
    • Why have a Lt. of the Newtown Police Department with 24 years not leave his off duty job where he is controlling traffic at a construction work site until two hours after the shooting started? This is the best one of all. Why?
    • Why have a Licensed Registered Nurse who works at Sandy Hook Elementary School that Nancy Lana the mother of Adam Lana is a great and wonderful Kindergarten teacher at her school? Why does she lie on National News?
    • Why have a Police Chief State in the Newspaper article that his Lt. is not a first responder? Does anyone belief that for one-second especially when you have two Ct State troopers escorting a prisoner to the Danbury courthouse when hearing the active shooter call and respond to Sandy Hook. Why them and not the Lt.?

We have all these great Police Investigators and NO one questions the actions of Dec 14, 2012.

You both then did a great job and deserve an Oscar at the Oscars in Hollywood.

Do not send anymore Detectives to my home.

Please answer my questions if you can.


Wolfgang W Halbig


January 21 2014: “Bill Ford” (see: Sonitrol, 2003) posts a video titled “Childrens Safety Institute” to Youtube, promoting the same “Calming Sounds” and “Extra Hands” products that Wolfgang was marketing earlier in the year.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2vHmPO7KrU

January 23rd 2014: Wolfgang falsely claims that it was his “responsibility to learn englsih” when he came to the United States. Despite this, he consistently admits, when under oath, that he did not learn english properly and could not read, passing thru the public school system thanks only to his ability to play football.


January 24th, 2014:

January 27, 2014: Wolfgang expresses annoyance at “all the racial charges by blacks on a daily basis.”

February 3, 2014: Wolfgang reflects on the consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction after the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. He also reveals several facts about his upbringing and family:

The same day:

February 10, 2014: Wolfgang submits a Freedom of Information Act Request. In it, he identifies himself “the Chief Investigator for the Children’s Safety Institute that protects Children with Autism.” and indicates that the Sandy Hook shooting is a factor in his professional life.

From: Wolfgang Halbig [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:35 AM


Subject: PLease process as quickly as possible sorry for the urgency.

Importance: High

Freedom of Information Act Request:

Can you please provide me with the F.E.M.A. Sandy Hook School Shooting NIMS or ICS evaluations.

You had over 8 F.E.M.A evaluators on site during the shooting since you could see their I.D badges with pictures provided by observers from the Catholic Church.

NIMS and ICS is your brainchild which requires every school district to have all staff members trained in the NIMS or ICS Emergency Response protocols.

So I cannot imagine that after millions and millions of tax payer dollars that FEMA would not want to evaluate one of the most heinous and horrendous crimes in US school history.

How did NIMS work or How did the ICS command Center work at Sandy Hook on Dec 14, 2012?

It show clearly show who the stupid person in the command center was that did not request the Trauma Helicopters for children and school staff’s urgent medical care.

It should clearly show who the stupid individual was at the command center who did not allow the paramedics or the EMT’S inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School to provide immediate medical care to those clinging to life.

It should show who the stupid individual at the command center was who declared all 25 children and adults legally dead within the first 8 minutes of the school shooting.

It should show pictures of this massive school evacuation of 500 children and school staff. I am sure that the command center would have documented that massive evacuation.

It should show in the evaluations as to why the first police units parked a 1/4 of a mile away from the school when first responding and waiting for backup. That is not the first responder new protocols is it?

It should show why a 24 year veteran of the Newtown police department on an off duty work detail at a construction site not respond to shots fired at an Elementary School until 2 and a half hours after shots are fired. He stayed at the construction site. Is that a new FEMA directive ?

When are parents not allowed to see their dead children at the morgue? Is that a new FEMA directive?

Please provide all of those answers as quickly as possible since I am the Chief Investigator for the Children’s Safety Institute that protects Children with Autism and now since this shooting has cast a malicious stigmatizing effect on all children with Autism as potential killers if not supervised properly, this report is vital.

Thank you and please mail your FEMA evaluation to 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, Fla 32776

Wolfgang W Halbig


February 11, 2014: Wolfgang Halbig e-mails American Free Press associated writer Deanna Spingola:

He also comments on a facebook link to the show:

According to Spingola, Halbig contacted her at 6:22am that day, and later called into the show as she was presenting the first part of a critique of a “Sandy Hook Hoax” documentary, which produced by an individual calling herself “Sofia Smallstorm”:

On Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Wolfgang Halbig, who had never corresponded with me before, emailed me at 6:22am (CST). See those emails below. Later that day, Halbig called into my radio AFP program which broadcast from 2-4pm (CST). On that program, I presented Part 1 of my critique on Sofia Smallstorm’s video: Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook; Hear the audio of that call. On that same day, Dave Gahary of the AFP uploaded a podcast of an interview that he conducted on 2/4, School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook, which went viral throughout the Internet. How did it go viral – the same way the the 27-second video claiming Robbie Parker was an actor went viral. See more here                         


Also on February 11th, 2014: American Free Press writer Dave Gahary interviews Wolfgang. This interview gains traction online, and becomes the avenue through which most early Hoaxers are introduced to Halbig. http://americanfreepress.net/afp-podcast-school-safety-expert-threatened-for-questioning-sandy-hook/

Also on February 11th 2014: “Bill Ford” uploads three videos to his Youtube channel, all having to do with Children’s Safety Institute. The first is a demonstration of  the “extra hands” product: [LINK]

The second video is a slideshow narrated by Wolfgang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEsm_OTa_UY

The third is footage of a presentation by Wolfgang, pitching the “Calming Sounds headset” along with “Extra Hands.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIObdjoCFsY

February 13, 2014: Wolfgang promotes his interview with Gahary.

February 14, 2014: Wolfgang complains of his “supposed friends” in Florida who are apparently not willing to help him with his quest to get involved with Sandy Hook.

February 18, 2014: Wolfgang cuts an interview short, claiming that law enforcement have arrived at his home (the third visit overall, and the second in 3 days.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0ThvL55R9I

The same day, Wolfgang claims to have emailed Senator Marco Rubio regarding the Sandy Hook investigation. When he receives a dismissive response, he uses profanity several times:

February 19, 2014: Professor James Tracy (of Florida Atlantic University) publishes a story “Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for Truth”, reprinting several emails Halbig sent over the past year.

February 20, 2014: Halbig claims on facebook that the Lake County Sheriff’s Office paid him a visit again, this time in uniform. Wolfgang declares “let the games begin in solving the Sandy Hook Illusion” and announces the Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund. He starts collecting donations.

February 20, 2014: Jim Fetzer, a Florida-based Professor, calls police expressing concern for Wolfgang Halbig after he had “not heard from him in a couple days,” suggesting regular and expected contact between the two at this point:

February 24, 2014: Snapshot of Halbig’s facebook profile, going back to early January same year:


March 1, 2014: Wolfgang makes the impossible claim that he, in his single year as a Florida State Trooper, personally witnessed over 145 autopsies. http://archive.is/PMolV

March 4 2014: American Free Press writer Deanna Spingola describes further interaction with Wolfgang Halbig through her radio show:

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, I interviewed Wolfgang W. Halbig on my RBN program, MP3; Program Notes On that program I asked him if he was ever a “homicide investigator” but he avoided the question. When he called into my program on 2/11, he claimed to be a “homicide investigator.” The one thing that I note, whether it was during the “debates” or on a radio show, those who believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax maintain their views about the issues, even when presented with contradictory evidence or when someone answers their questions. Perhaps these people are not really looking for answers. They just wish to impose their views on the population. People who research regularly change their minds as they discover additional data. Change agents do not do that.

March 7, 2014: Wolfgang posts a message to his facebook profile, claiming that his “best business partner” had “quit his job” with CSI, and that thus the company would cease to be: http://archive.is/hizyE

In a 2015 radio interview with Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy, Wolfgang says he lost his business “Children’s Safety Institute” when he had just finished conducting a “workshop” at “Pittsburgh conference” for children with autism and aspergers. (See: July 2013) [Link to interview]

March 11, 2014: A comment from “Wolfgang Halbig” on an unofficial page for Abilene Christian University suggests her is learning a “new vocabulary”: http://first-thoughts.org/on/Abilene+Christian+University/

To all you trolls and Shills whatever that means since these are new words in my new vocabulary.please check me out with all those I have worked for you might just learn something new called the truth. Wolfgang W. Halbig 25526 Hawks Run Lane Sorrento, Florida 32776

March 17, 2014: Gofundme temporarily shuts down donations to Sandy Hook Justice, demanding more information from Wolfgang about his activities.

The fund is restored soon after.

March 19, 2014: Sandy Hook Justice has raised over $10,000.


March 26, 2014 Comments left by a username “just wondering” contain alleged specifics about who the deputies were that supposedly threatened Wolfgang in December 2013:

It seems when Wolfgang Halbig started asking questions about SANDY HOOK and making freedom of information requests Lauren Ritchie’s friend Sheriff Gary Borders sent a total of four of his Gestapo members to Halbig’s home to tell him to stop asking questions of CT officials. Halbig identified the first two Deputies in Dec. 2013 as Clay Watkins and Chris Huskey. He said they told him if he didn’t stop investigating SANDY HOOK “bad things were going to happen!” He has not released the names of the last two.

Check out Wolfgang Halbig’s efforts to expose the SANDY HOOK HOAX for what it is on his face book page at SANDY HOOK JUSTICE.

Also, the people of Lake County need to realize it was their sheriff Gary Borders who sent his goons out to stop Wolfgang Halbig from seeking the truth about Sandy Hook. Apparently this sheriff is getting his orders straight from Washington.

May 6, 2014: Wolfgang Halbig’s visit to the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department’s firehouse results in police being called. The police determine that the firefighter who got into a confrontation with Halbig had not committed assault, despite Halbig’s claims. Video evidence is key in exposing Halbig’s latest hoax attempt.


Also on May 6, 2014: Wolfgang stops by the Newtown Police Department, with his associate Jim Fetzer (as well as Dave Gahary and others.)

Also on May 6, 2014: Newtown school board greets Sandy Hook skeptics with silence – News-Times article reports on Wolfgang Halbig (along with Jim Fetzer) attending a Newtown School Board meeting, and being met with patient contempt from the townspeople:[LINK]

But board members refused to take the bait, remaining silent throughout presentations by Halbig and several of his supporters who followed him to the microphone. The audience, which included First Selectman Pat Llodra and several other town officials who had come to support the board, also stayed silent.

The only public response came from Newtown resident Jim Fitzpatrick, who was the last to speak. Unable to let this group have the last word, he said, “It’s a shame to see this circus come to town, and I’m offended by the people who have come, and these conspiracy theories. Newtown has conducted itself wonderfully.’

Wolfgang stops at several other (confirmed) Newtown addresses before returning to Florida.

May 28, 2014: Wolfgang receives an email from Len Pozner:

May 31, 2014: Wolfgang Halbig calls police, claiming that Lenny Pozner “tried to come to his house last night” but the security guard “wouldn’t let him through.”

May 31, 2014: Wolfgang once again calls police, making allegations of “harassment” on the part of Newtown parent Lenny Pozner. The responding officer notes that “SUBJ IS S20” – (Signal 20, code for a mentally ill person):

June 3rd 2014: Wolfgang again calls police to report “harassment,” claiming that he “tried to file a report days” ago, but deputies would not come to his home.

Eventually, an officer does come to the Halbig residence to take a statement.

Wolfgang tells the reporting officer about the email received, as well as “two telephone calls, which he believes are from Mr. Pozner,” though he is not able to provide any phone number from which the calls were coming, and Wolfgang never answers whatever these alleged calls were, and the caller did not leave any message:

July 3, 2014: Wolfgang remarks in his status that he has “One day left on facebook”


July 30, 2014: An individual identifying themselves as William Brandon Shanley writes a public letter to “Leadership of Senate and House Judiciary Committees Calling for Joint-Hearings”, associating himself with Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer and desiring to expose the “Sandy Hook Massacre Hoax.”  [LINK]

The Honorable Patrick J. Leahy, Chairman

The Honorable Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member

United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary

 224 Dirksen Senate Office Building,

Washington, D.C. 20510-6050

re: Cover-Up in Connecticut: The Sandy Hook Massacre Hoax

Dear Sirs—

My name is William Brandon Shanley. I’m a New London-based filmmaker with experience in TV-based pseudo-reality research in presidential elections and an editor of books on quantum physics. I’m also writing on behalf of Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper, school administrator with 36 years of experience (up to Vice Principal and Principal) and a nationally recognized school safety expert, and, James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota.

August 21, 2014: Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission receives a letter from a man identifying himself as William Brandon Shanley, and claiming that that he represents Wolfgang Halbig’s organization, Sandy Hook Justice, along with team member Jim Fetzer [LINK]:

 Letter from Sandy Hook Justice to Sandy Hook Advisory Commission August 21, 2014


Contact: William Brandon Shanley, New London, 860-857-2042

From: William Brandon Shanley and Sandy Hook Justice

To: Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

August 21, 2014 via Commission website

I request that this letter goes to all members of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.

I am a member of a team of scholars, journalists and researchers named Sandy Hook Justice:

* Dr. James H. Fetzer, Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth and editor and journalist for Veterans Today;

* Wolfgang Halbig, former Florida State Police officer, school administrator and national school safety specialist;

* William Shanley, a non-fiction filmmaker and author, with news analysis specialty since the 1980 presidential election…

The letter goes on to list alleged evidence that “Sandy Hook Justice” wishes to present to the commission, which would purportedly establish that the shooting was a “hoax.”

September 22, 2014: Sandy Hook Justice has raised over $27,000 (not including donations made via check or money order.)

 October 6, 2014: Wolfgang Halbig delivers a lengthy speech to an “Oathkeepers” meeting in Long Island, New York. While in the state of New York for this visit, it is documented that Halbig meets with numerous other individuals involved in the “Sandy Hook Hoax” operation.

During his speech, Wolfgang points out that it is “cruel” to use children and teachers as “props” for an agenda, confirming that he is fully aware of the consequences of his hoax.

“I pray to God that I’m wrong. And if I’m wrong, I’m gonna march right into [a] mental hospital, I’m gonna enroll myself. Because, I’m serious, my wife is ready to divorce me. I’ve been married 42 years, I’ve got two beautiful sons, three granddaughters, my wife actually believes ‘how dare you question those parents who lost children at Sandy Hook?’ and I said ‘how do you know they died?’  – Wolfgang Halbig, October 6 2014 

October 9, 2014: Wolfgang Halbig’s Sandy Hook Justice Gofundme account is terminated. Halbig would later claim that the fund had grown in excess of $31,000 USD.

November 19, 2014: Halbig conducts a phone interview with an individual calling themselves “Professor Doom1” (TAV). In it, Halbig complains about his Gofundme account getting shut down, and reveals the Sandy Hook Justice legal strategy: [LINK]

“I had this account Gofundme, and they shut it down. I mean, I’m gonna figure out who did it, because I got a copy of the letter that was written to the president, CEO, and uhh Chief Financial Officer of Gofundme calling me a fraud. I mean let me tell you what, they just butchered me. Okay?

So, I’m hiring an attorney. As a matter of fact, I got a meeting in the morning, I’m going to file a lawsuit in federal court against Gofundme, and try to get a federal judge to issue a John Doe subpoena, uhh, finding out who all the people are that have filed letters of complaint against me, that are calling me a fraud, and — I mean I want to know who these people are. Then, we’re going to turn it around, and we’re going to file the lawsuits against the people who are calling me a fraud, and got Gofundme to shut me down. “

He goes on to claim that the closure of his Sandy Hook Justice fund has “bothered” his family, adding that “my wife is really upset.”

December 15, 2014: William Brandon Shanley begins filing a bizarre series of lawsuits, nearly incomprehensible in their language and demanding absurd sums (in excess of one trillion dollars) over the Sandy Hook shooting. The lawsuits rely heavily on “Hoaxer” articles written by Professor Jim Fetzer:







December 25, 2014: William Shanley issues a press release, announcing the flurry of lawsuits to expose the Sandy Hook “hoax.” The same document proclaims that Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig will be called as expert witnesses in the case:

After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism. Here is an example of our abundant evidence, Exhibit D: The Connecticut State Police dash cams record no evacuation of children from school at critical moments:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqcaaE6aFX8 — Smoking Gun evidence no children died at Sandy Hook.”

Attached is a photo staged by the Newtown Bee, a wider view of that action being staged on a different day that the emergency altogether, and a sampling of front pages that terrorized the world with the fake photo.

Mr. Shanley is the producer of The Made-for-TV Election starring Martin Sheen that analyzed media coverage in the tectonic Carter-Reagan election of 1980. He is also the author of books on quantum physics, including Alice and the Quantum Cat (2011).

Dr. James Fetzer, whose 35 articles on Sandy Hook for Veteran’s Today qualify him for the highest investigative journalism awards, and School Safety Consultant, Wolfgang Halbig, whose investigative expertise as a former Florida State Police officer, and loving attention as a former principal, makes this case’s particulars comprehensible to all, will be called as expert witnesses.

It is their scholarship and bravery that makes these Complaints possible for the shear breadth and scope and detail of evidence they have assembled. Hundreds of independent researchers have also made this day possible, and Mr. Shanley claims they will be tracked down and rewarded heartily for their bravery and mindfulness of America.

December 29, 2014: In another interview with “Professor Doom1”, Halbig confirms that he did indeed have contact with William Shanley, and knew of the planned lawsuits, but had cautioned Shanley and several other persons, one of whom is known to be Professor Jim Fetzer, not to go through with them:

“PROFESSOR DOOM1”: [William Shanley] and Jim Fetzer seem to think that they are going to supercede you somehow in, uh, pursuit of a lawsuit, and they were going to be using you for some kind of, uh, professional technical witness or something?”

 HALBIG:”I told them personally, each one of ’em, do not file the lawsuit. You’re messing everything up that everybody has worked on together. I – I begged them not to file the lawsuit.

Wolfgang Halbig then takes great care to distance himself from William Shanley, while admitting that the two were at one time connected in some way, which in turn involved Jim Fetzer in some way.

“I have never met this person, I do not know this person [Shanley], uh, he was introduced to me by Jim Fetzer. Uh, the guy asked me for a donation one time because he doesn’t have any money. So, I didn’t take it out of the donations. I actually gave him a personal check out of my account for three hundred dollars. I didn’t want to use other people’s money to help this guy for whatever reason Fetzer said I should. But, I have disconnected myself from him. I think that — I don’t know what Fetzer and he are up to, I think it’s going to ruin everything we have worked for, and I’m very disappointed in their actions.”

Halbig goes on to express frustration with Professor Jim Fetzer’s implied shift in loyalties:

“I don’t know what in the world’s happened to Jim Fetzer. You know, I trusted that man, you know… from the very beginning, and then all of a sudden, he’s on a whole different tangent. I don’t – I don’t… I don’t know what their game plan is.

Chapter 11: The Scent



Executive Director for the Children’s Safety Institute: 2012-current


January 5, 2012:Recording, preliminary autopsy shed new light” – Wolfgang is quoted for an article regarding the use of deadly force in schools, after police shoot and kill  17-year-old Jaime Gonzalez Jr. after he is spotted with a gun on the campus of Cummings Middle School. Halbig is critical of the officer’s decision to use deadly force.



Wolfgang Halbig, executive director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, based in Heathrow, Fla., believes the officers could have found another way to resolve the issue rather than shooting Gonzalez.

“I hate playing Monday morning quarterback,” but there could have been another way to handle the situation, Halbig said in a telephone interview.

Halbig, a retired police officer and school safety expert, said from reading media reports it appeared that Gonzalez was the only one in imminent danger. He believes if Gonzalez had planned to hurt any other students, he would have immediately shot them while inside a classroom.

Halbig said he has trained about 3,000 school police officers nationwide about what to do when confronted by a student with a handgun.

“I can’t believe they both fired (at Gonzalez),” Halbig said. “He was not a threat to anyone but himself. The rule for law enforcement, whether you are on the street or on the school campus, is to look at all your options. … When you shoot a 16-, a 15- or a 14-year-old in the leg, trust me there is pain. But to take a life. … A headshot is a kill shot. Is that what we are all about?”

January 6, 2012: Wolfgang is interviewed by a local blog regarding the Gonzalez Jr. shooting, and largely walks back most of his claims just a day after he made them. He shows a clear awareness that initial reports and media reports of shootings can be wildly inaccurate. He urges police officers responding to a school shooting to exercise restraint and patience. He also apparently spells his own last name wrong.


By Wolfgang H. Halgib

I would like to respond and clarify to those who responded to this newspaper article. It was not easy to respond to a school shooting in which a middle school student was shot to death. Yes, I was In the comfort of my home when speaking with the news reporter.

I would never respond to an incident in which police officers had to use deadly force unless I walked in their shoes as a former Florida State Trooper working in Miami Florida with gun drawn and having to make a difficult choice.

  My comments in this newspaper article were solely based on the information provided to me by the media and law enforcement. At 1st even they get the information wrong when providing information to the public as quickly as possible.

  What questions would you be asking if that was your child when you received a call stating that your child was just shot and killed while in school?

  My comments are only made because these school shootings by school police officers in such a quick and decisive manner causes me extreme concerns.

  The last case that I worked on was when a SWAT team member used a scope rifle and shot and killed a middle school student while he was isolated and contained in the boys bathroom with no threat to anyone else but himself. This issue was resolved within a 35 min. time frame when the gun was 1st reported, it was a pellet gun.

  The SWAT team member who shot and killed a young boy stated that he was in fear of his life, how is that possible when you’re looking through the scope from behind the wall?

  Please remember that this young man had already entered the classroom and hit another student in the face, he did not shoot that student or anyone else in the classroom or while walking on the campus heading to the hallway where he was isolated since all the other students and teachers and staff were locked down in their classrooms with lights out.

  I took for granted that the police officers used their handguns, now finding out that they use their rifles causes me even more concern and only hope that those who responded on the comments understand that this is not to criticize but to find other options quickly before taking your life.

February 1, 2012 – Wolfgang Halbig contributes $250 to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s election campaign, ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT, INC.

Like the previous two recipients of Halbig’s donations, this candidate is opposing Barack Obama.


February 8, 2012: Separate investigations launched into Volusia charter school – Wolfgang is quoted in an article about charter schools in Florida. It is claimed that Wolfgang “opened the first charter school in Florida.NOTE: records suggest the first Florida charter school was Liberty City Charter School, where Halbig was never employed, so Wolfgang’s basis for making this claim is unclear. [LINK]

The Imani School was $400,000 in debt. Ardonnis Lumpkin was an advisor for both schools.

Volusia County Public Schools and the state Department of Education are looking into the school.

The school district is not calling this an official investigation, but it did confirm it has been in talks with top leaders from the charter school because of this situation.

Wolfgang Halbig opened the first charter school in Florida. He said there are good charter schools, but state laws make it easy for schools to spend money with little oversight.

“You see it over and over throughout the state. Have one charter school, they close down, and all of a sudden open up and leave the first school with a half million in debt. They change the name, but the players don’t change,” Halbig said.

February 21, 2012: replies to the thread “Re: Are Teachers Behind in Higher-Order Thinking Skills?”  the forum “Ask a Question” on Education Weekly Forums. He’s banned, so the post is gone.

February 28, 2012: Why we miss school shooting warning signs – Wolfgang comments on a CNN news story about school shootings. http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2012/02/28/school-shooting-warning-signs/ 

Wolfgang Halbig

Do you see how every one from the police department to the school superintendent talk about what a great response time they had and how they trained for such an event?

If that was what you call a School Lockdown then this school district has serious concerns for the future.

School Safety or Safety has a definition that all school boards and school superintendents must do. It is what do we do on a daily basis to reduce the safety risks to as low as possible.

School Security are the tools that school boards and school superintendents adopt in order to keep those safety risks to as low as possible. There is not one school district that can promise a parent that his child will be 100% percent safe from harm. There are NO gurantees.

Someday those who are really interested in looking for school safety solutions will change the way they have been brainwashed by the United States Department of Education Safe and Drug Free Schools.

Does anybody not see what is happening that could have or should have been prevented.

Now the experts from colleges who have not worked in our public schools since who knows are going to tell the school district about school shootings.

Please let’s start a true discussion about school safety and how to reduce to safety risks on a daily bases so others will not get seriously injured or killed.

March 2 2012: Wolf starts the thread “LGTB BULLYING” to the forum “Ask a Question” on Education Weekly Forums. He’s banned, so the post is gone. There were no replies.

March 15 2012 – Posts to the thread “Education Technology” on Education Weekly. Here, or at some time after here  (but not before) his account was banned.

March 27, 2012: Trayvon Martin leaks claim teen attacked first, was suspended for pot – Wolfgang Halbig is quoted in News 13 story about the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford (Halbig was an Assistant Principal at Sanford Middle School in 2005, and was a teacher there in 2011, but is credited simply as a “former Miami state trooper,” a job he left well over three decades ago.) [LINK]

Coming to the defense of Sanford police was former Miami state trooper Wolfgang Halbig, who made it a point to remind reporters that an initial Sanford police report shows Zimmerman looked to be arrested for manslaughter.

Somewhere along the line someone at the department decided that Zimmerman was acting in self-defense.

“When you see a dead body lying there, especially when it’s a child, it affects all of us,” Halbig said.

March 28, 2012 Was Zimmerman Nearly Charged On Night Of Shooting? – A news story from WESH Orlando, again covering the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, quotes Wolfgang, now credited as a “law enforcement expert.” His claims are immediately discredited, by actual law enforcement. [LINK]

SANFORD, Fla. —George Zimmerman, the volunteer neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, was nearly charged with manslaughter the night of February 26.

That claim comes from a law enforcement expert, Wolfgang Halbig, who reviewed the Sanford Police Department’s report.

Halbig said police officers recommended the manslaughter charge and that it was the State Attorney’s Office that decided not to move forward with the charge.

“Whether you are a sheriff or a police chief, the state attorney is the one who decides,” Halbig said.

Sanford police officials said they object to Halbig’s claim because say the charge was not a recommendation; rather, it was something to be reviewed by the state attorney.

April 13 2012: At 2:50pm, Wolfgang Halbig runs a red light while driving westbound on Howell Branch Road, at the intersection of Temple Trail in Winter Park, Florida. He is driving a 2006 Toyota pickup. NOTE: Since Wolfgang’s son drove a truck at this time registered to his father, it’s possible that this was Erik driving.

Friday May 18, 2012: Wolfgang is deposed for his fall lawsuit, WOLFGANG HALBIG vs. CITY OF APOPKA.

During the deposition, he loses composure at several lines of questioning:

Wolfgang also indicates that he dependent on the pain medication Tramadol (though he later adds that “I just don’t believe in Vicodin or Oxycodone.”):

Wolfgang also falsely claims, under oath, that he was campaigning for Lake County Commissioner in 2011, when it reality the election was in 2010 (Wolfgang attended the April 2010 South Lake Hob Nob less than three months after his supposedly debilitating injury.)

June 29, 2012: Several 7th grade students are suspended after a video of them bullying Karen Klein, a bus monitor in upstate New York, goes viral on Youtube. In the ensuing nationwide dialogue on bullying, an online fundraiser collects over $650,000 for Klein.

July 24, 2012 : Wolfgang Halbig posts a comment to a story about Karen Klein on facebook. He announces a fundraising drive, in which the donors would be paid back “once the company is up and running.” This demonstrates his interest in finding a news story to latch onto and collect money off of.

August 27, 2012 – Wolfgang Halbig is ticketed for speeding. The case is eventually dismissed.<

September 26, 2012: Florida drivers pay $7 million a year for driver’s ed program that doesn’t exist – article notes how the taxpayers are still paying the fee for Wolfgang’s driver’s education law, even though driver’s education is no longer mandatory.


Halbig said the worst part is he believes teens have died in crashes because they didn’t take driver’s education.

Now, he said, he knows the money was there.

“When a parent grabs you, they know what it is, and it’s not good news. And you have to take them to the morgue to show them their child. Come on, we can do better than that,” Halbig said.

Septtember 27, 2012: Wolfgang applies for another job with Lake County, apparently for the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee. On the application, under references, Wolfgang lists himself three times:

It is a general application, and under “Position” Halbig enters “Educational Consultant.”

October 7, 2012: A comment is posted under the name “Wolfgang Halbig” on an ABCnews article about President Obama: [LINK]

wolfgang halbig


Today I am as angry as anyone can get. What is it going to take for the uneducated Americans to get educated and start thinking about how they have responsibilities and not just rights that they throw in our faces everyday.

My father for four years I learned was in a NAZI PRISON in POSEN, POLAND.

Thank God that the Americans found him.

The letters I have now found in GERMANY makes me sick to my stomach as to what Hitler did to the Jewish Race. To this day I cannot believe that someone did not kill him which would have saved 6 million of our people there not just a jewish race they are people just like you and me.

THE UNEDUCATED Just keep watching that Idiot Box all day long because it appears our America is not the America that OUR Baby Boomers protected.

They listened to the RADIO since we had NO Idiot Boxes to watch, we listened to the radio and used our Imagination with the voices and sounds we heard.

October 2012: Comments are left under a number of articles, from the username “wolfgang halbig.” The text is  usually copied from a “birther” website’s “Obama timeline” or similar rumor list. [LINK]

He leaves the same comment here: [LINK]

another similar comment:[LINK]

more: [LINK]

on race: [LINK]

more on African-Americans: [LINK]

Obama “wedding ring” chain email: [LINK]

Hurricane Sandy: [LINK]

November 8 2012: Just days after the 2008 election, a user claiming to be Wolfgang Halbig posts a comment to a CNN article, critical of African-Americans. (see pg3 of this document.)

December 14 2012: Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. “Hoaxerism” begins almost immediately.

Meanwhile in Florida, Wolfgang’s son is arrested on the same day.



January 30, 2013: Ownership of the Cranberry Isles Way property is transferred from Nancy Halbig to both Wolfgang and Kathy Halbig, as joint tenants. http://www.ocpafl.org/Searches/ParcelSearch.aspx/PID/282032114100700

March 13, 2013 – Wolfgang Halbig delivers a safety presentation for Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio, at the Savannah Center in West Chester:



Hamilton County Disabilities covering it:



How did you choose the speakers for the seminar?

We wanted this to be an interactive discussion, and we wanted people to be able to share best practices because each school is unique, so each of their plans is going to be a little bit different. You don’t want to put your audience to sleep. You want to make sure the speaker engages the audience, keeps them interested, and presents information relevant to your participants.

We had national safety expert Wolfgang Halbig as one of our speakers. He had attended one of our previous school seminars, and he did a really dynamic presentation that talked about active shooters, bullying and all the different types of crime that can occur within a school environment. We also had speakers from the Cincinnati Police Department District 4 and representatives from the Hamilton County Prosecutors office. Because attendees are going to ask a lot of questions, I highly recommend inviting a police district that has a good rapport with your company.

June 29, 2013: “Wolfgang Halbig” leaves a comment on the website “Special Education Advisor.”


June 12, 2013: Wolfgang Halbig applies for another position with Lake County, this time working with criminal offenders and/or victims: http://lakecountyfl.suiteonemedia.com/Web/GenFile.aspx?ad=1535

July 13, 2013: Wolfgang conducts a safety seminar at the David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. The event’s description promises sessions on the “EXTRA HANDS” Safety Shield , as well as the  “CALMING SOUNDS” headset.


The description reads in part: [LINK] [LINK]

Learn new Innovative Teacher Strategies and tools that will reduce the use of restraints in the classroom. Too many children and teacher injuries have received national attention in finding new solutions for restraints. These strategies and tools work for college and professional football, baseball and basketball players as well as music and movie stars, and the question is, Why not for children with special needs?

September 27, 2013: According to emails published by Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy, Wolfgang sends the following email to Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra.

From: Wolfgang Halbig

Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:00:43 -0500

To: [email protected]

Cc: [email protected]

Subject: Mike Kehoe your Police Chief should be immediately fired for Negligence

Mrs Llordra:

I find this e-mail very difficult to write but as a Former Florida State Trooper and old now find the actions of your Police Chief very disturbing.

I have dedicated my life in public service and to read about your police chief giving Lt. George Sinko only a letter of reprimand for failing to respond to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012

You should ask yourself as to how a Lt. working an off-duty detail at a construction site and making overtime money can ignore 911 calls and a Newtown police dispatcher requesting help from police officers for shots fired at The Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I cannot imagine any police officer ignoring emergency help requests when children and school staff lives are being threatened.  To sit in your car and listen to all those emergency calls go over the airwaves and do nothing is negligence.

For over two hours he sits and does absolutely nothing while children and school staff are being shot and killed.

Your Police Chief states in the newspaper that he is not a first responder.  He also states that he was off duty.

I can tell you and so can any other certified law enforcement officer when working an off-duty detail that you are never off-duty especially when lives of children and school staff are at stake.

We in law enforcement are on duty 24/7 always on call.

This Lt is  24 year veteran and if he does not know his responsibilities then he should also be immediately be fired along with the Police Chief.

This is a national embarrassment that clearly demonstrates negligence by both the Police Chief for not calling him to duty that morning and for the Lt not responding to this crisis.

We are all first responders even if you are a Lt.

How embarrassing for the City of Newtown Ct having a Lt. sit for over two hours and not respond and only be given a letter of reprimand.

I know that there is more to the story and I only hope that you use common sense in handling this huge embarrassment for your City.

Wolfgang W Halbig

October 17, 2013: According to emails published by Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy, Wolfgang sends the following email to Newtown Schools, cc’ing CBS News. NOTE: Stanley Security purchased Sonitrol in 2008 [LINK]

From: Wolfgang Halbig

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 14:11:53 -0500

To: Kathy June <[email protected]>

Cc: “[email protected]”  “[email protected]

Subject: Last try for Freedom of Information Act from your Interim Superintendent


Please tell your Interim School Superintendent that his response is total Horsepoop.

Hiding behind the safety of children and school staff in not releasing my information request is unprofessional if he is an educator.

I am simply asking for the Vendors name who you the school district or school hired to install the security system at Sandy Hook Elementary School with address and contact numbers

Just like Stanley Security Solutions has installed all of the security tools at the Sandy Hook replacement school.

They have donated over $100,000 thousand dollars in front door access control with CCTV CAMERA AND ACCESS BUTTON WITH CMAERA BEING A COLOR CAMERA.



What is wrong with your school district and your superintendents?  What are they afraid off?

I need the total cost of the project.

I need the date of completion.

I need the breakdown of the total cost as to what did the cameras cost? Are they color or just black and white?

I do not want to know the locations as I do know the placement of the cameras at the Sandy Hook replacement school and I promise not to ever hurt any child or staff in your school district.

Please comply with my FOIA as soon a possible since I have been waiting forever.

Wolfgang W Halbig

October 31, 2013: Wolfgang sends the following email to the FBI, cc’ing CBS news, ABC news, 60 minutes, and Bruce Winner and Ron Davis (according to a January 2014 facebook post from Wolfgang.) Nearly a year after the Sandy Hook shooting, Halbig expresses suspicion that the shooting did not take place, as well as frustration that his Freedom of Information Act requests are not being acted upon:

From: Wolfgang Halbig <[email protected]>

Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 08:17:17 -0500

To: <[email protected]>

Cc: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>, “Winner, Bruce” <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>

Subject: Some one needs to go to jail/Second request


There is no question about what your next step should be in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012.

Someone needs to go to jail just for the sheer negligence in failing to request the Medevac Trauma Helicopters to respond to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In every Active Shooter Training exercise the CT State Police and or local law enforcement always use the Medevac Trauma Helicopters to land at a school site used for practice so educators ail understand what will happen when children and school staff are seriously injured.

Now we actually have a shooting but No one requested the trauma helicopters LIFE STAR. I called Life Star and they where as surprised as I was when they where Not requested that morning. Please contact them and use my name.

Never in my 36 years working as a Florida State Trooper or US Customs Agent or Teacher, Coach, School Administrator have I ever witnessed a school district or law enforcement agency hiding the truth from parents and school districts across this country.

[…] When a US President goes on National Television on the afternoon of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012 with tears and promises the country that he will use every resource of his office in investigation this heinous crime.

He stated that he personally contacted the Director of the FBI Robert Mueller and even the Gov of CT Malloy and promising them the same resources.

How in the world with all those resources from the FBI, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Secret Service, NSA , Ct State Police and local law enforcement that a school,l shooting is 11 month old with NO information?

Is the Presidents words meaningless? Sparks Nevada in which a teacher is shot and killed and the FBI and Homeland Security have been assigned to investigate and you in Newhaven have NO clue or are you intentionally hiding the truth?

I believe that 1 of 2 things occurred on Dec 14th, 2012. 1) The EMTs/First responders were negligent & should be charged with Sec. 53a-56. Manslaughter in the second degree or 2). When the EMT’s failed in requesting the Medevac Life Star Trauma Helicopters on Dec 14, 2012 they prevented children and school staff from receiving the best life savings medical services available especially since two children died at the hospital. Why?

The Connecticut State Police were uttering false statements & should be charged with Falsely reporting an incident in the first degree (CONN. GEN. STAT. § 53a-180), receive no less than 1 year, nor more than 5 years’ imprisonment; No more than $5,000 fine.

You have a Lt. from the Newtown Police Department working an off-duty detail at a construction site on Dec 14, 2012 which is 1.3 miles from the Sandy Hook Elementary School when the calls goes out that shots are fired at Sandy hook. He chooses not to respond. Why?

The Police Chief of Newtown justified his actions by stating that he is not a first responder. Ask any police officer as to what they would have done if they where working an off-duty detail and heard the call shots fired. If you want the truth.

I called the Newtown Public Schools to find out who they contracted with in sanitizing and decontaminating the Sandy Hook Elementary School since they had serious Bio-Hazard exposure in that crime scene and where considering opening the school again as stated in the Newtown Bee.

They responded by saying what Bio-Hazards are you talking about at the school.

I stated like Blood, Bodily Fluids, Brain Matter on the walls, the floors in the hallway and classrooms, on the school desks and windows because you are looking at 45 to 60 gallons of blood displaced and splattered everywhere.

They would not provide with the name of a company. Why? It has nothing to do with the criminal investigation does it?

21 Ct Freedom of Information Act requests and not one response to just simple questions. Why?

I am requesting that your office personally respond to my allegations in which I believe a Federal Crime has been committed as soon as possible.

The FBI at Newhaven has ignored a Presidential directive in using every available resource in investigating this heinous crime at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012. Why?

All those resources and you after 11 month stay silent which I believe is a crime.


Wolfgang W Halbig


November 7, 2013: Wolfgang Halbig files a lawsuit against Errol Estate Property Owners Association Inc. This is the second lawsuit associated with Halbig’s slip and fall in January of 2013, the previous target being the city of Apopka (reportedly settled for a sum of approximately $11,000, less fees.)

November 20, 2013: Smallstorm and Fetzer on Sandy Hook, Fukushima, RF Radiation – Professor James Tracy posts a link to his “Memory Hole” blog. It is for a radio interview conducted by Professor Jim Fetzer, with a person calling herself “Sofia Smallstorm.” Smallstorm, Fetzer and Tracy all had prior interactions through the 9/11 truth community.

December 2, 2013: Halbig emails Sally Cox and other Sandy Hook shooting survivors, according to emails published by James Tracey (note that Sally Cox hid in a closet during the shooting.)

December 6, 2013: Facebook post http://archive.is/H73E7

December 10, 2013: CNN Comment: [LINK]

Chapter 10: A Man of the People

April 17 2010: Wolfgang Halbig attends the “South Lake Chamber of Commerce 2010 Hob Nob,”  where an early poll is conducted to gauge support for the County Commissioner candidates. Wolfgang is a candidate.. [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]


June 30 2010: Halbig is featured in “The Right Side of the Lake” newsletter, as “An Alternative” candidate in the race for County Commissioner.The article notes the date of Halbig’s termination, and he is apparently interviewed for the piece. http://lakecountygov.info/2010/06/30/an-alternative/

In the interview, Wolfgang explains how his firing from Lake County Schools was all the result of conspiracy, much like his previous firings.

Wolfgang started out by saying, “My wife, Kathy, found out I was running for county commission when some colleagues at the school board asked her why I was running for county commission.  She wasn’t too happy with me.”

Wolfgang Halbig was the Risk Manager for the Lake County School District until June 30, 2009, when he was terminated by Superintendent Susan Moxley.  This 63 year old, very affable, education security expert believes he saw firsthand the underbelly of Lake County’s political cronyism and intimidation machine.  Based on his experience, where he saw political leaders put their interests above the people, he decided to run for District 4 Lake County Commission seat.

Halbig believes his termination from the Lake County School District was politically motivated by current County Commissioner Jimmy Conner who twisted arms to get his friend insurance work at the district.  Halbig tells a story that, if true, needs a much brighter light shined upon it.  According to Halbig, the school district formed a committee of department heads to review the insurance programs for the district.  After thorough investigations of the current plans, the committee determined that long-time insurance provider, Brown and Brown, was not offering the best program.

According to Halbig, Brown and Brown representative, Scott Hindman, was very emphatic that the school district would not change plans despite the more expensive costs and reduced district advantages.  Halbig said that Hindman told him, “It ain’t gonna happen – I’ve already got three votes.”  Halbig contends that Hindman contacted Jimmy Conner at his home, as well as other school board members, to promote his plan, and despite the third place ranking of the Brown and Brown plan, Jimmy Conner at the board meeting strong-armed the district to retain the program.  He believes it was a sham orchestrated by Conner in conjunction with other school board members.

According to Halbig, the final nail came in his work coffin when he found out the district was being grossly overcharged by Brown and Brown on worker compensation premiums.  He contends Scott Hindman with Brown and Brown was going to charge the district $3.4 million to remain in the program, and after Hindman found out they were bidding the program out, he immediately dropped it by $1 million.

The most troubling aspect was his meeting with School Board Member Larry Metz.  Halbig contends that he told Metz of the overcharges and provided him information supporting it.  Halbig said Carol MacLeod, CFO of the Lake County School District, warned him that if he pursued this change to save money he would be fired; Halbig relayed his concern to Metz.  Halbig said, “Metz did not have enough courage to stand up against the insurance company and other board members, and there was a cowardliness in his voice.”  After the battle regarding the workers compensation program, and despite being offered a tentative contract extension in April, Halbig was terminated in June.  Halbig claims his record with over 30 years in the education system is spotless with positive reviews, and that he had never been terminated before.  On several occasions during our meeting, Halbig expressed concern that his wife, Kathy, who is Manager of Technology at the school district, is worried about retaliation from the school district because of his candidacy.

June 18 2010: Registration closes for Lake County Commission election. Halbig is listed as registering to run for seat 4.[LINK]

June 30 2010: A commenter Bill Tucker on Wolfgang’s profile “An Alternative” claims to have known Halbig through playing racquetball in Ocala in the 1980s. He vouches for Wolfgang.

Name Bill Tucker

June 30, 2010 at 5:16 pm

In Ocala the 1980′s Wolfgang and I were part of a group that regularly met on the racquetball court. An affable, bright, good-guy; Wolf will be a formidable candidate for the county commission.

July 6 2010: A commenter on Wolfgang’s profile “An Alternative” simply pastes the text of the “Letter to the Editor” that had expressed alarm about Wolf’s spending on quadro trackers, fifteen years prior:

July 6, 2010 at 5:51 pm

 Quadro Tracker Is Not As Effective Or As Cheap As Dog

OPINION – Letters to the Editor

May 14, 1995

REGARDING ”SOME swear by device, others scoff” in the May 7 Seminole Extra, Seminole County school security director Wolfgang Halbig wants to buy 50 ”drug-sniffing” electronic Quadro Trackers. My calculations say he would spend at least $19,750 of Seminole County taxpayers’ money for a device that the maker is afraid to patent and that uses ”voodoo” to find contraband with a method the maker can’t clearly explain. The U.S. Customs Service even tested it: The Quadro Tracker doesn’t work.

Mr. Halbig: Don’t buy the Quadro Tracker and engage in fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer money. If you want to find drugs in the schools, use dogs.

David A. Grubbs

The next day, another commenter does the same, adding the remark “Maybe Wolfgang can buy some Quadro Trackers for Lake County.”

 July 7 2010: A user claiming to be Wolfgang Halbig responds in the comments section of the “An Alternative?” article/profile on wolf. He responds to another user, who had been calling Wolfgang out about the phony drug scanners from the 90s:

Name Wolfgang Halbig

July 7, 2010 at 4:07 pm

The rest of Mr. Grubbs story that he fails to tell that we tested the device for Dateline in making sure that the school district and tax payer did not waste school districts funds.

If you are going to tell a side or story, please tell the whole story as we did on dateline.

The FBI bought 100 of thos trackers, Seminole County bought O and that is why we were featured on Dateline.

Nice try.

July 8 2010: A commenter refutes Halbig’s account of saving the school from wasting money on the Quadro:


July 8, 2010 at 1:27 am

Maybe I was wrong, but the article states you were committed to buy one for every school in your District, when you were contacted and “corrected” by a magician……. From your diatribe above I thought you were accustomed to “one sided” stories….

July 25, 2010: Halbig is mentioned as an independent candidate in the Nov 2nd election for  Lake County Commissioner Linda Stewart’s seat. [LINK]

The primary winner will face off in the Nov. 2 general election against Democrat E.K. Emery, independent Wolfgang Halbig and write-in candidates Vance Yochim and George Romano, whose names will not appear on the ballot. Commissioners must live in a district but are elected and serve countywide, so all Republicans in Lake will be eligible to cast ballots in the primary.

July 29, 2010: Hard to Buy Votes With No Money – Right Side of the Lake blog post takes a look at campaign finance in the Lake County Commissioner election, noting that Halbig had raised $211.00:


Aug 3 2010: “Denied” – editorial published on The Right Side of the Lake, bashing a realtor association for endorsing Halbig. The article knocks Halbig for only having been a resident of the county for six years:


In a stunning rebuke, the Realtors Association of Lake & Sumter Counties, Inc. (Realtors Association) did not recommend Atkins to the post of District #4 County Commissioner; instead, they’ve chosen to recommend NPA candidate Wolfgang Halbig.  Atkins has spent his life in the realty business, and this recommendation should have been a slam dunk; however, the people who know Atkins the best did not stand up for him.  people for Better Government, L.L.C. contacted Bill Deese, Chairman of the Screening Committee to ask specifically why Atkins wasn’t recommended.  Deese responded by saying, “Being a realtor is not a consideration for the recommendation, and the people felt that Halbig answered our questions the best.”  Deese wouldn’t offer any further comments on Atkins.

Atkins, a lifelong resident of Lake County, has taken very pro-realtor positions such as encouraging incentives to have seniors fill foreclosures and a plan re-establishing Lake County as a retirement destination.  Halbig, on the other hand, is a naturalized American citizen from Germany who has lived in Lake County for less than six years.  Halbig has not established any public position on housing in Lake County, which is why the Halbig recommendation by the Realtors Association can only be described as a slap in the face to Atkins.

Aug 15 2010: “It’s a Win for Working People” suggests that Wolfgang has no chance at winning the election, and that no one is going to financially back an obvious loser.


Aug 16 2010: Larry Metz responds to another attack by local people in blog – Lake County School Board member Larry Metz responds to the allegations Wolfgang Halbig made in his “Right Side of the Lake” profile. His response is posted by another local people politics blog, Lake County Fiscal Rangers. Metz refutes Halbig’s side of the story concerning the circumstances of his dismissal, by quoting the letter Wolfgang sent to the school board on January 21, 2010, “For the Record.” He also presents a different recollection of his conversation with Wolfgang after the insurance workshop.


Mr. Halbig described what actually happened in his e-mail dated January 21, 2010, sent to Lake County School Board members and, ironically, titled “For the Record.”   Yes, Mr. Halbig and I met and he informed me of his concern about the Brown & Brown insurance quote.  However, contrary to what is reported in The Right Side, I acted upon the information Mr. Halbig provided by challenging Brown & Brown on their insurance quote at a School Board workshop.  Mr. Halbig was present and afterwards thanked me for doing so.  Mr. Halbig’s description of what happened is quoted from his January 21, 2010 email below:

We used to pay Brown and Brown $6,158,000 million dollars for the entire package one year and on the average since 2005-2006 we paid over $5,350,000 million dollars and would be paying the over $6,158,000 million dollar price tag had it not been for Larry Metz questioning Scott Hindman on the high premium we are paying since our claims history has now a .99 experience mod.

Just a simple challenge by Larry Metz in suggesting that we may switch to another program caused Scott Hindman to drop our premium insurance over $1,000,000 million dollars in three minutes.

No other school board member raised any concerns and I have always wondered why?

 If he dropped our premium by over a $1,000,000 million dollars in three minutes does that mean he could have done that in 2005-2006, 2006-2007 maybe I guess we will never find out since no other board member held the company accountable.

A scan of Mr. Halbig’s entire email of January 21, 2010, with the above quoted language identified in context, is attached.

Mr. Halbig wrote his email months before he became a candidate for office and a financial contributor to my opponent.   According to Mr. Halbig’s own account, my actions resulted in a savings to the Lake County School District of over $1,000,000.  Clearly, the description of the events attributed to Mr. Halbig in the June 30 edition ofThe Right Side was completely inconsistent with his email.  In this instance The Right Side either misrepresented what Mr. Halbig told them, or accepted his account as gospel without checking it out because it fit nicely into their political agenda.  The same type of false, negative spin is evident in the August 10 and 16 editions.  Readers of The Right Side should not accept its contents lightly, for it is not really a newsletter.  The Right Side is merely a tool used to further the political agendas of those who are behind it.

Larry Metz

 Political advertisement paid for and approved by Larry Metz, Republican, for State Representative, District 25.

August 25, 2010 – A user claiming to Wolfgang Halbig comments on the “It’s a Win for Working People” article from a few weeks ago, apparently responding to the article’s assertion that he will have trouble raising campaign funds. He also corrects the blog’s description of Halbig as a “former Lake County Safety Officer.”

Name Wolfgang Halbig

August 25, 2010 at 11:07 am

Excuse me for being someone who believes that 38 years of public service should count for something.

38 years working to help people and children through public schools.

Being asked by the school superintendent of Lake County to train every school administrator and school staff when a boy was shot and killed at Tavares Middle School causing panic and major confusion should mean ssomething to every paent and student by designing their

Emergency Management Plan. I was not the Lake County School Board Safety Officer, I was hired as the Lake County School Boards Risk Manager in July of 2005 and by June 30, 2009 when I was fired by Susan Moxley for saving this School DIstrict over $20,000,000 million tax payer dollars you must be right I have done absolutely nothing to qualify me to run for County Commissioner,

Cronysim and the old buddy system took a toll on the day we saved those dollars.

Why does someone spent over $110,000 thousnad dollars just to win the primary, is it because she knows that she will be protected by you and your RSOTL information?

An attorney who represent Land Developers with big dollars will represent the affluent not the ordinary citizen that has to pay there bills every month. I did not see those who have children on free and reduced lunch donating at a five hundred dollar clip.

What is she going to do to save tax payer dollars? what is her game plan instead of just saying I am for growth, need jobs, support businesses. protect the enviornment etc. Give us the meat of your campaign. I have NO political consultant at $10,000 dollars a clip to tell them what to say.

I do it from hard work.

Get your facts straight. I have started my campaign and I am hear to win.

Take that to the bank.


Another user responds to Wolfgang’s comment just half an hour later, under the username “Taxed.”

Name Taxed

August 26, 2010 at 11:38 am

Mr. Halbig, excuse me for being someone who believes we need commissioners who were not on the taxpayer’s payroll for 38 years regardless of how well they performed. You are not a taxpayer and therefore cannot identify with those who are. When you pay taxes it is merely a reinvestment into the fund that provides your income to begin with. Your job performance could only be evaluated by yourself and peers rather than by competition in the marketplace. We need someone who understands what Lake County businesses need in order to compete in the marketplace. We don’t need someone who worked 38 years for a system built by cronyism and then came out on the short end of the stick from it. Try doing some of your hard work in the private sector while waiving your pension for the next four years and then get back with us about being a commissioner.

August 27, 2010: Wolfgang responds to the comment from “Taxed”, repeatedly asserting that the person questioning him has mental health issues. He does not disclose his own psychiatric history or recent prescriptions.

Name Wolfgang Halbig

August 27, 2010 at 12:22 pm



You must have a very serious mental problem that could have been available for you if Campione did not shut down the LifeStream proposal when they were trying to open a Mental Health Facility in Umatilla. It would have created over 125 jobs, would have had a 3.7 operating budget and a payroll of 6.3 million dollars. Let me see a lawyer who charges by the hour what is it $200.00 per hour or more and lawyers know how to get out of paying taxes. Let me see public servant and I don’t pay taxes, you get taxed even if you retire. I am willing to donate have of the commissioners salary so one employee from the county offices can be rehired. Maybe if the other four would to the same we now have four more jobs saved. You are absoultely right the Land Developers need big time business and if I recall those Land Devlopers who designed those fancy Community Developement District and ran with the profits leaving the homewoners and board of directors holding the loans. What was it six huge developements are in serious trouble and you are telling me that I don’t understand business. You need mental health and if you are going to attack my 38 years of public service please have the courage to use your name instead of hiding behind NAMED TAXED. This is why Lake County is in trouble.

“Taxed” again responds later that day:

Name Taxed

August 27, 2010 at 5:04 pm

Mr. Halbig, I must say I’m glad that the mental problem was not available to me. As best I can decipher from your comments, you stand for protecting government jobs and social programs at current or higher levels. I feel these areas need reducing in close proportion to what is available to fund them (taxpayer’s incomes). That is why I’m against lifelong public service employees holding the positions once again. I’m not out to insult you and I would like to discuss our differences in views if you wish to reply with a number or e-mail address.

September 7 2010: Wolfgang Halbig speaks at the public comment portion of a meeting of the Lake County Board of Commissioners meeting.[LINK]

Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, a resident of Sorrento, stated that he has spent the last several weeks studying the budget that was proposed by the Board, and he expressed concern about the lack of consolidation and the duplication of fire and ambulance services, which he believed could save at least $8 million.  He also was concerned that the account for Lake-Sumter EMS contained $3.5 million in reserves.

September 17 2010: a user posting under the name “Wolfgang Halbig” responds to the latest blog post from Right Side of the Lake, which addresses “impact fees.”  [LINK]. Notably, he describes his appearance at the County Commission ten days before, and indicates that he was not well received at the public session.

Name Wolfgang Halbig

September 17, 2010 at 8:53 am

Be careful of what you say because they may find you and sight you with a personal impact fee.

This County is unbeliveable in how they conduct business, you have County Commissioners using their own e-mail accounts to communicate with Contractors, Land Developers, Insurance Brokers, and on and on.

They should be required by policy to use only the Lake County e-mail accounts and use only cell phones provided by the county for their use for accountabilty and Transparency to the public when requested. We are paying their high salaries. This is the least they can do.

I recommended just recently at one of the County Commissioners Board meeting that they need to immediately consolidate the Fire and Lake and Sumter Amubulance Services which is County subsidized with $8,000,000 million tax dollars. This one move would stop duplication of services and save the Lake County Tax payer over $11,000,000 million dollars. No comment from the Interim County Manager who should be presenting that idead for cost savings measures and show some innovation.]

This County needs to hire a bulldog no non sense County Manager who has and is not afraid to take on the good old boys network realizing that he or she may not last long but it will be a cause worth taking on for the benefit of the people of Lake County.

They are looking to approve a Deputy County Managers position payiong a $147,000 thousand dollars when you don’t even have a COunty Manager.

Now what is that about?

Wait till you have a County Manager and then allow him or her to select his Deputy Manager in solving the financial crisis within the Lake County Commission.

NO employee from the Lake County Commissioners offices should have been terminated or placed on taken days off without pay since they can find $11,000,000 million dollars to build an EOC Emergency Operations Center which if you watch clsoely will have the Lake and Sumter Ambulance Dispatch offices within that building. That tells me that my recommendation will have no merit.

Why have public imput at the Lake County Commissioners Meetings? they don’t listen, they mock the peole who speak and show disrespect to Marylin Bainter who does her homeowrk and is serious as a heart beat in trying to make Lake County a better place to live for the taxpayers.

The Commissioners I believe have forgotten that when the public speaks that they are there boss and not be demeaned by there comments by some of the Commissioners.

Repect must be in place at all times no matter what the issues are.

It is time for people to get involved on behave of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildrens future. It is no longer just about us it is about them and what we leave them.

September 21, 2010: at another “citizen question and comment period” session of Lake County board of County Commissioners, Wolfgang Halbig lobbies to consolidate emergency services in the county: [LINK]


Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, after handing out copies of the financial statement and audit of Lake-Sumter Emergency Medical Services (EMS), related that he had come before the Board several weeks ago to recommend that the Board seriously look into consolidation of Fire and Lake-Sumter EMS services, and he was concerned that the Board was thinking of bidding those services instead. He pointed out that the budget book indicated that there was currently $10 million set aside in tax subsidies for the Lake-Sumter EMS ambulance services, and he opined that consolidation of those services would save $11 million. He also suggested that the County hire a new County Manager immediately before hiring a Deputy County Manager and enact a policy that would require all of the County Commissioners to use only the County e-mail system and phones for County business to ensure transparency.

September 30, 2010: Another story is published by “The Right Side of the Lake” newsletter, claiming that Wolfgang Halbig had become “unhinged” and made potentially racist statements at an NAACP Forum. The event was presumably part of the campaign for the upcoming election. [LINK]

The newsletter then shares several other initiatives that Halbig has championed over the years – such as the Quadro Tracker and the “Real Hero” amendment, all of which lead the Right Side of the Lake writer to the conclusion that Halbig has a history of nutty ideas that really makes him look like one of the tin foil hat wearers”:

In August of 2003, Halbig spearheaded an effort through the Real Hero Foundation to get a petition signed to change the Florida Constitution.  The proposed amendment would have required all Florida House Members to spend four days per year in a classroom.  His attempt to get enough signatures failed miserably, and it would have been ruled unconstitutional anyway because you cannot mandate something like this of elected officials.

“Now, Halbig seeks to add a 5-cent tax on water bottles of just Niagara Bottling to help those children in serious need because of the economy.  The notion sounds all warm and fuzzy, but you can’t selectively tax a business like this, and the Lake County Commission doesn’t have the authority to impose a sales tax of this matter.  This is yet another nutty idea that Halbig has not thought through.

Halbig’s other bright idea is to take the $300,000 paid to the Orlando EDC and use it to market Lake County’s foreclosed properties to areas which are subjected to natural disasters.  What he doesn’t understand is that foreclosed homes are being marketed, but not many people are able to purchase them because they can’t get a loan.  His plan does nothing to address the real issue of selling distressed properties; rather, it only alienates the economic development of people who could help us the most.  Plus, who’s going to force these people to move from natural disaster areas?”

The blog also calls him out about his possible negligence regarding mold inspections, under the sub-heading “Putting Children at Risk”:

According to information we obtained from Halbig himself, and his files, he has a history of filing workers compensation claims against his employers at Lake County and Seminole County Schools. When we asked him about this, he claimed there was a tripping incident at Dabney Elementary, and he told us that he was suffering from respiratory issues due to him investigating mold issues at new schools.  He said the district was turning off air conditioning chilling units at night, which was causing toxic mold, and he believes he was exposed to it over a four year period.

We asked him if he ever reported the mold to the proper authorities because of the health hazard to children and teachers and he said, “You do not want to hear about the toxic mold because it get parents really upset and the last thing I want to do is create problems that cannot be fixed because the rule makers are the school board members and the school superintendent. The State Department of Education has no say on Indoor Air Quality and Toxic Mold issues in schools or employee work centers.”

The above statement by Halbig is horrific because, if true, he’s put the health of Lake County’s children at risk while he was Director of Security and Safety.  He obviously was more concerned about his job at the School District back then.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. believes that the Lake County School Board should immediately inquire into the issue of possible toxic molds in our schools.  Our concern is how many children have been knowingly exposed to toxic mold because some school bureaucrat decided to save a few pennies at night by turning air conditioners off?  This is serious; shame on Halbig for not letting parents and teachers know!

Question #17 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How could you send those children into those filthy schools, knowing about the toxic mold? You call yourself an “expert witness” but if you witness, some toxic mold in a school, do you run from it rather than doing your job? Where are the work orders you should have submitted to address this potentially very serious safety issue?

September 30, 2010: A user claiming to be Wolfgang Halbig comments on the article claiming that Wolfgang had become “unhinged” at NAACP event. The user explains that the confrontation at the event occurred when Halbig called out another candidate for having supposedly put up signage in the predominately black community only the night before.

The lengthy rant includes spelling and grammatical errors that will become a Halbig trademark in the coming years, along with the rhetorical distractions that will become familiar, such as claiming that anyone questioning him must be “worried” about his likely triumph:

Name Wolfgang Halbig

September 30, 2010 at 3:16 pm

First of all this was a Tri-City NAACP Forum Meeting in Eustis in which all the Candidates were invited to speak regarding their experience and qualifications for the office they are seeking.

Please interview the African American Community Members to get your facts straight.

When Campione shows up with her stooges every time their is a Homeowners or meeting such as the Tri-City NAACP they stack the deck. I guess spending $40,000 thousand dollars on a Tallahassee Political Consulting Group makes her not a politicain I guess in your eyes.

The female audience memeber was Alan Hayes wife who stuck out her finger trying to stop my comments about Campione which is true. She has not placed any signage in the Black Community until that night flooding the Community Center with signs and her stooges.

When you are telling the truth they call it obnoxious she just didn’t want to hear that she did not up up signs until that night. I stated that you get support from the black community the day you run for office not when you just need their votes.

The question I raised is why is there not a Black County Commissioner or Hispanic Commissioner?

As a High School Head Football and Baseball Coach I have worked very hard in every black and white community in doing what was best for their kids 24 hours a day. I drove them home after games when parents had no cars or did not pick them up or feed them. I don’t need to be noticed by the black community. If they check me out they will see that I am what I am.

You are right I blamed the big money donors and Land Developers who have controled Lake County for too long, they raised over $120,000 dollars for Campione to beat Steward.

Politicians love to have cookouts to get peole to come out to hear them speak, please tell me I am wrong.

I blame Land Developers for being Greedy and leaving not one but SIX COMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS IN BANKRUPTCIES with the retirees and family homeowners in those district holding this huge debt set up by the Land Developers.

Don’t print rumors because they are an outright lie.

Please check with the National Republican Party and my Donations for their causes, I was appointed by GOvernor Jeb Bush to the School Safet Commission and approved by the Florida Senate.

If you received unsubstantiated reports why are you writing about it as it where true.

Not know not ever have I recieved Democratic Support, another huge lie.

11/28/07 I donated money to the Hillary Clinton Campaign because when I vote I vote for the best person and donate to that person at that time whether Republican or Democrat. That is exactly what is wrong with our system today and that is why I am running as a NO PARTY CANDIDATE because I don’t want a party telling me what I need to do. I think I am smart enough to do my research and donate to whom I want without the RIght SIde of the Lake telling me what to do. I hope that others don;t follow their advice or Lake COunty will stay in Financial trouble.

I donated money to the MaCain Campaign because I am a Veteran serving in the United States Air Force in 1966-1970 if you want to check that out. I support the courage and honor that Macain showed. He endured torture day after day and the politicians in Lake County will never understand my vote that day as a Republican.

This blog has been played with in distorting the facts as to who really wrote the article. Please provide the hard copy and the source for accuracy.

I don’t even know Emery or what he really does. Never had a private meeting or even a phone call, unbelivable lies jsut to help the Land Developers and your comapny to get busines from the homebuilders, I hope that the people in Lake County are a little smarter that youn think!

I never bought 50 Quatro Trackers and you need you apologize for that lie immediately since the the Seminole County Purchasing Department will verify your outright lie.

We were featured on Dateline NBC for exposing the fraud since the FBI bought over 100 of these devices and you are trying to make me look bad to the voters.

I do believe that we will not fix Public Education in FLorida until every Florida Legislator substitutes teaches four school days a year which was attached to the class size amendment.

Guess what the Republican Legislators wrote to me; is it safe for me to go to the schools and do that? Another wrote am I qualified to be a substitute? Now just think about those two statement it makes you wonder why are schools are failing.

United States Senator Bob Graham gave up one day a month to work in jobs that would allow him to observe, speak with the workers, understand their frustrations, work conditions and he worked no reporters just work. And now you the Right Side tell me it is a stupid idea, well I will share that with the former Florida Governor and U.S Senator since you have all the right solutions in calling people names such as NUTTY. LOOK atb yourself first and what are you going to get out of supporting Campione.

The County Commissioners should have placed a .05 cent impact fee on every bottle ever produce by the Niagara Bottling Company because of the plastic and its effects. If you check there are water bottling comapnies paying a nickel to get the bottle back. Getting pretty desperate.

Please all those who read this site and just believe in rumors you need the buy the National Enquire it is far better reading from what the Consumer Magazine states.

When you hire a County Manager that is in charge of the entire County Budget and Manages all of the county mployees on a daily basis does not have to have lived in Lake County, FLorida. Now if you want to be a County Commissioner you must have have lived in Lake County all your lif so you and your friends can reap the benefits of the old buddy buddy syatem along with cronisym all over the place. They will make their money and move to North Carolina Mountains and leave the Lake County Tax payer holding the bag

It is time for an outsider to shake up the sytem or are your afraid of what he may find. I was a republican until Jim Greer the Head Of the FLorida Republican Party stole all of the money that voters donated. And you worry about me. I take that as a compliment.

Where does Parks live?

I live in the District that I am running for. Come an visit anytime.

The people in Lake County see through your lies and deception, you must be worried about the election or this article would have never been written.

I have said it all along this buddy buddy system is now clearly visible and now we know who the real players are.

wolfgang halbig” adds a short comment again, the same day:

October 2, 2010: Another user responds to Wolfgang’s latest online outburst, pressing for more information about his job history, and raising several points about possible inconsistencies.

October 2, 2010 at 8:39 am

Wolfgang, I am very distressed by this account. You were very high on my list until these items were pointed out and after research on the internet, some were confirmed.

There are some areas in the original article that you didn’t respond to and I would like you to respond.

What was your job at the school system? The original story lists you as the Director of Security and Safety but when I inquired at the school office, they said that you had nothing to do with security and you were not in that position. They say that you were the Risk Manager and responsible for workers compensation and insurance. Is this correct?

That leads to my next questions, the original story says that you have a history of filing workers compensation claims at two counties that you have worked, the most recent at lake county. When I called I was forwarded to the risk department. The lady that answered said you were formally the risk manager. When I asked about your claims they would not comment. I have several friends in that work in the tavares office and they said that this is correct and let me know of other actions you have done to make the school administraton look bad since you were let go. I would like to hear you comment about this, especially about communication with the governers office and to the department of envromental protection. Did you claim injuries after you found out that you were going to be let go? Did you get in touch with the state about issues after you were let go? (All this was furnished by asking the same question to two people that work for the schools in different departments in the main office.)

Also what were the circumstances of your leaving the seminole county schools?

The same day, another user (identifying themselves as “John Hendricks”) posts a comment directed at Wolfgang, strongly criticizing him:

Name John Hendricks

October 2, 2010 at 8:56 am

Wolfgang ~ I’m sure you are a good person who is simply disgusted with the direction your adopted country has taken. You are right on many of your issues. The main problem with you and your candidacy is you have way too many issues! For instance, where Parks lives is none of your business. If you bothered to read the law the courts have ruled a person can run for political office such as commissioner, sheriff or whatever without a residency requirement. However, if elected they are required to move into the district! Most cities refuse to accept this court rulling and most candidates for same do not push the matter.

As too your comments concerning the Lake County good ole boys, it has always been that way. Your problem is you think you know everything and don’t know crap! For instance who do you think the real players are? You accuse commissioner Jimmy Conner of fraud in the insurance dealings with Brown and Brown at the school board since Conner has been a LCBCC member and as you say to some of the accusations made against you, where is the proof? The fact is here you are, a legend in your own mind. You come to Lake County uninvited after you are dumped over in Seminole county. You bless the Lake county school board with your presence and ultimately cause such desention you are terminated. This apparently is the cause of your mission. I can honestly say the one thing that brings about more laughter concerning you and your ways is the fact that you are actually more arrogant, oboxious and condecending than Jimmy Conner. If in fact Lake County could afford the misfeasance of your services of the BCC along with Conner the taxpayers could tune in to comedy hour and watch you and Conner attack each other for the next two years! However, that is not the case! […]

October 4, 2010: “Wolfgang Halbig” responds to the two most recent blog comments directed at him:

October 8, 2010: Toxic schools: Grand jury laid out mold problem – In an Orlando Sentinel article about mold in Lake County schools, Wolfgang is quoted. He asserts that his dismissal was as a result his reporting of mold problems, a new twist on his story that is immediately refuted by the school district, who maintain that he never once discussed any mold issues and was dismissed as a result of his contract expiring. [LINK]

October 18, 2010 By Denise-Marie Balona, Orlando Sentinel

And years after the grand jury report, Florida schools continue to battle chronic mold and water-intrusion problems, according to an Orlando Sentinel investigation.

Wolfgang Halbig, a former risk manager for Lake County schools who is now a school-safety consultant, argues that if the Florida Legislature does not make districts fix mold problems, they will get worse.

The situation, he warned, is already being exacerbated by districts’ attempts to save money by raising the temperature in schools and shutting off the air conditioning in at least some portable classrooms at night, on weekends and during kids’ winter and summer vacations.

In recent years, Central Florida teachers, parents and others have filed thousands of complaints about indoor-air quality in schools — blaming their runny noses, headaches and respiratory distress on mold discovered in classrooms, cafeterias, media centers, locker rooms and even nurses’ quarters.

“The state needs to really get a handle on how serious the toxic mold problem is in Florida,” said Halbig, a former executive director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety who said he was let go from his job in Lake last year, in part because he confronted higher-level administrators about the district’s mold problems.

District officials said Halbig was let go simply because his annual contract expired. He never discussed mold issues with schools Superintendent Susan Moxley, said the district’s executive director of human resources, Laurie Marshall.

October 20, 2010: Money fuels Lake County commissioner race  – Sentinel article quotes Halbig on campaign contributions: [LINK]

Halbig bought $3,300 worth of campaign signs earlier this month. His campaign has raised about $11,000, including a personal loan of $5,000. The former high school athletic coach said he has been careful to ask for donations only from friends.

When someone gives you $500, there’s an expectation that they’ll be getting something back,” Halbig said. “I didn’t want to make any promises to anybody.”

He said he didn’t mean to insinuate that Campione is beholden to anyone: “She’s a class act. She’s Lake County. She’s home-grown. She’s earned her way.”

October 20, 2010: Did Wolfgang Halbig seek psychiatric treatment? – A story is published by “The Right Side of the Lake” newsletter, reporting the indications that Halbig may have mental health issues.

The newsletter points out that Halbig was recommended to seek  psychiatric treatment with Dr. Rosen after his compensation claim for the fall in Seminole County (which Wolfgang would elsewhere claim not to have followed up on, however they apparently do not learn of the anti-depressants and anger issues he experienced during and after the period he worked under Dr. Moxley):


October 23, 2010: With the November election date drawing near, Wolfgang conducts a candidate interview with the Daily Commercial newspaper:

Nov 3 2010: Election day. Halbig gets 5.7% of the vote. [LINK] 

December 1, 2010: Article about Kathleen landing a $750,000 federal funding grant for Lake County Schools.


The primary focus of the grant was middle school science classes, but our goal was to get as much technology as we could in all of our schools,” said Kathy Halbig, Manager of the Innovative Learning Department.


January 7, 2011: Wolfgang shown to have applied for a job at Sanford Middle School. http://www.scps.k12.fl.us/PORTALS/53/assets/pdf/2011meetings/12511/AgendaBook.pdf

March 2011: Sanford Middle school newsletter lists Wolfgang as a Grade Recovery Class teacher:

June 2011: Wolf registers twitter account @halbigW. He begins tweeting and retweeting a variety of stories, usually attacking President Obama. https://twitter.com/halbigW

October 2011: Halbig is treated by a psychiatrist (he states in his May 2012 deposition that the treatment occurred “seven months ago.”)

December 2, 2011: a user “Wolfgang W. Halbig posts a new thread to Education Weekly’s forums, under the title  United States Department of Education Safe and Drug Free Schools Failed Promises with Billions $ Waisted. Note that this a forum on the same site that “Wolfgang Halbig” used to post comments on, but the two systems (comments and forums) appear to be entirely separate.

Since the Wolfgang W. Halbig account has since been banned, the post is gone. This entry is account’s first known post, and was in the subforum “Introduce Yourself.” The beginning of the post is still available in preview:

Chapter 9: The Long Way Down

April 7 2004: Bid Review Flawed, Schools Chief Says – A Washington Post article shows that the NISWS deal with Anne Arundel has come under scrutiny. The contract had apparently not been reviewed by the school board before it was awarded, and cronyism is suspected when it is found that two people on the bid selection committee were related.

One of these two, a “school system security chief” named J.Mark Black, was then found to have an existing relationship with Wolfgang Halbig that apparently had not been disclosed.[LINK] 

One of the bidders now says he complained about that issue in mid-August before the solicitation was ended, and again in an Aug. 30 letter. “It just didn’t pass the public integrity smell test,” the bidder, Kenneth S. Trump of the firm National School Safety and Security Services in Ohio, said in an interview.

[…] That contract, $175,000 of which will be paid from a federal grant the schools received in September, was not reviewed by the board before the staff awarded it to the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety of Florida. District policies are not explicit on when board review must occur, Smith has said.

The director of the Florida company, Wolfgang W. Halbig, said in interviews that he met J. Mark Black at a conference in Washington before the school system asked for proposals last summer. The two also spent a day together in Florida discussing a hotline program that Halbig’s firm markets, he said. But Halbig said his firm did not gain an edge in the bidding process as a result.

[…] The Florida company’s proposal made it the second-lowest bidder, after the Reston-based Systech Group’s $238,000 bid. Documents show that the selection panel relied heavily on technical judgments rather than cost, and Halbig’s firm won on the strength of its experience and a specific proposal.

April 7, 2004: School official uneasy over contract awards


April 8, 2004 Arundel school board to review rule on contracts after questions are raised


The Anne Arundel County Board of Education decided yesterday to review a local policy that gives the superintendent authority to grant certain contracts, regardless of size, without consulting the board.

This week, board member Michael McNelly questioned the school system’s granting of a $395,000 contract to the Florida-based National Institute for School and Workplace Safety for a safety assessment of the county’s 117 schools. School officials said they did not seek board approval because it wasn’t required.

“There have been a lot of concerns from the community on this issue,” McNelly said at yesterday’s school board meeting. “I think we are obligated to ask questions.”

McNelly questioned why the institute won the contract when it was only the second-lowest bidder, and he expressed doubts about the firm’s experience with large jobs.

April 15, 2004 Washington Post article: Anne Arundel Pact To Be Scrutinized. Halbig mentions a “friend in Charlotte” that knew Eric Smith – investigators have not yet determined if this refers to J. Mark Black or another “friend.” [LINK]

The parent’s group, which has popularized its cause on a Web site, is questioning Smith, whose national reputation as an education reformer — and $300,000 annual salary — made a splash in Anne Arundel when was hired two years ago from Charlotte.

“Is Smith earning his $300,000 salary/benefit package?” asked a recent posting on the group’s Web site. “Where are the improvements? Taxpayers will be asking hard questions.”

The skirmish over the safety contract was fueled, in part, by Smith’s history as a principal and school administrator in Florida two decades ago. Smith worked in the Orlando area’s Orange County. One of the founders of the Florida firm, Wolfgang W. Halbig, worked in neighboring Seminole County.

Smith and Halbig said yesterday that they had not met or spoken until after the contract was awarded. But parent Tracey Hess, whose husband, Curt, administers the Web site, said she and others have drawn their own conclusions. “I think it’s an outrage,” she said. “Why does it cost that much? Why does [Smith] hire his buddy from Florida?

Smith said that in a district with a $360 million budget, he had “absolutely no involvement in the selection of this company” and did not even know about the contract until after it was awarded.

Halbig, who said the contract is the largest in the company’s five-year history, marveled at the degree to which some parents have seemed to align against him. “I can’t believe a group of parents can have that much influence,” he said yesterday.

Halbig said he does have a friend who knows Smith from Charlotte, but he said the mutual friend had no involvement in the bidding for the contract.

[Archive of the site referred to above, SaveAnnapolisHigh.com]


May 15, 2004: Crash near BWI kills cargo pilot – In perhaps a fitting metaphor for the whole scenario that brought him there, Wolfgang Halbig is witnesses a plane crash in Maryland. Halbig takes particular note of the fact that the pilot of the plane opted not to harm innocent people on his way to ruin. http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2004-05-15/news/0405150139_1_crash-plane-cargo

Shortly after 7 a.m., Wolfgang W. Halbig, a school security consultant, was standing near the parking lot at North County High School in Ferndale, watching parents drop off their children and students step off school buses.

Classes began at 7:17 a.m. About 7:22 a.m., Halbig saw what he described as an unbelievable sight.

“Off by the tree line, I see an airplane flying very low. … It came right over the parent drop-off area,” he said. “It was directly over them. … I mean, I could see the underbelly.”

The plane’s path took it between the high school and nearby Hilltop Elementary School, whose pupils arrived an hour later. It buzzed over athletic fields and the parking area, headed toward a red-checkered tower on the western edge of the school’s property and banked sharply to the left, Halbig said.

The plane then veered to the right before jerking back to the left again, and then suddenly dived toward the ground. Halbig lost sight of it but then saw a cloud of black smoke rise into the sky. He and his two employees drove over to the scene, where emergency crews had already arrived.

“He [the pilot] had to see all those kids and parents,” Halbig said. “And if he knew, then he did a great job. He went straight down; he didn’t hurt other people.”

September 23, 2004: Halbig once again injures himself tackling a student. [LINK]

Question #12 Wolfgang MUST answer: why do you keep hurting yourself on the job? Aren’t you a “national expert” on school and workplace safety? Your workplace is a school, and you can’t seem to keep even yourself safe there.

December 29, 2004: Wolf and Kathleen re-marry in Las Vegas. According to Wolf’s 2010 deposition, they co-habitate again after this point


File Date:

1/3/2005 1:25 PM

Number of Pages:


Book Type:


Document Type:


Party 1


Party 2


Acknowledgment Date:


Marriage Date:


Marriage Certificate #:


Previous Related Docs:



February 8, 2005: Central Florida School Resource Officers Still Armed With Tasers – Quote from Halbig in article about tasers. No mention is made of Halbig’s prior experience with “stun guns” at school (see November 5, 1992.) It is noted that Ha


She’s one of a dozen students hit by tasers from Orange County school resource officers. Officers in Seminole and Brevard county schools are carrying the weapons, too.

Sheriff deputies say tasers are a good option for helping subdue students when it’s necessary. They believe the weapons are safe and effective.

But the man running Seminole County School’s safety program does not. Wolfgang Halbig isn’t allowed to speak on camera, but he said this on the radio: “It is a matter of time before a kid is killed.”

Some doctors say huge electrical jolts can damage young hearts, although just what qualifies as young is up for debate.

Question #13 Wolfgang MUST answer: What exactly is your job right at this point? Why are you bizarrely referred to as “the man running the safety program” but who “isn’t allowed to speak on camera?” Why aren’t you allowed to appear on television now? It was okay in 1996, what happened? And what radio show were you on?

February 14. 2005: A commentary on bullying is posted to Education Weekly forums, by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Assistant Principal” [LINK]

March 24 2005: – Erik Halbig is arrested for drunk driving, running a red light, and speeding.

March 28. 2005: A commentary arguing for increased school funding for counselors is posted to Education Weekly forums, by “Wolfgang W. Halbig/ School Administrator.” Wolfgang works in several of his favorite catchphrases, such as “break the code of silence” and “red flags.” [LINK]

Apr 4 2005 – Erik Halbig’s reign of terror continues: Wolfgang Halbig’s dangerously violent son is arrested yet again, this time for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and felony battery.


April 26, 2005, Halbig is listed under “PERSONNEL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REAPPOINTMENT FOR 2005-06” as Assistant Principal at Sanford Middle School.


April 2005 (approximate) – Wolfgang Halbig has an affair, lasting two weeks and in some way requiring or resulting in a Cialis prescription:


       April 30, 2005 – Wolfgang’s mother dies [LINK] 

       June 14 2005: Wolf sues his mother’s insurance company.  

       (Orange County Courts UCN:482005CA005080A001OX)

       2005-CA-005080-O :




June 23, 2005 Halbig resigns from Sanford Middle School.


ADMINISTRATIVE TERMINATION AND RESIGNATION for 2004-05 1. Halbig, Wolfgang W – Sanford Middle School, Assistant Principal Middle 11, Reason: Resig for employ in Educ in Fl, Termination Effective Date 6/23/2005

In the same document, Kathleen S. Halbig also resigns:  19. Halbig, Kathleen S – Rock Lake Middle School, Teacher, Reason: Resig for employ in Educ in Fl, Termination Effective Date 6/02/2005

Question #14 Wolfgang MUST answer: What exactly is going on here? Why did you both quit your jobs? Did your wife’s new position with Lake County turn out to be a more effective avenue into the county’s tax coffers than yours had been?

2012 Wolfgang says:

July 12, 2005: Halbig is noted as having moved, and his private information is found in a box full of documents at his old apartment complex, completely unprotected. [LINK]

Halbig moved from the Colonial Village Apartments in Lake Mary several years ago, but his personal information stayed behind. It’s tough for Halbig to believe, since he works in risk management.

“I am very adamant about identity theft. I mean, it’s the biggest crime that’s happening across the world, across the country, and it’s happening in my back yard, it’s happening to me,” Halbig said.

Halbig’s paperwork was among other files found in the laundry room of the apartment complex. A person living there called Channel 9 after he saw the five boxes of files just sitting on top of a table in the public laundry room. On the paperwork were private accounts, driver’s license numbers and social security numbers.

“You can pull up my credit report. I mean, you can find everything about me, who I shop with. I mean, that is negligence,” Halbig said.

Question #15 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How is it that you were in charge of school safety when you let a student get your gun, AND you were in risk management when BOXES of your vital documents were left out for anyone to find? Is this a joke?

July 19, 2005: Report: School personnel failed to act on abuse – a Seminole County teacher is found by an internal investigation to have been “abusing autistic students in her classes.” Halbig is not involved in this event, but his later actions suggest he may have followed news coverage about it (see “Children’s Safety Institute” events of 2013) [LINK]

August 19, 2005: An Education Weekly blog comment is posted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator”


Without a doubt teachers are ready and prepared to teach on a daily basis. The student who is coming to school today is not the same student who came to school 25 years ago. Today, these kids think that they have a sense of entitlement for easy grades and less work. Overall they are lazy, and it starts at the Elemetary schools which now have parents doing their projects and assignments. Man this is great I will get an A.

Poor work ethics. Having to pay your kids to get good grades, electives all over the place so if they fail they will take it over. If teachers today truly held students accountable for their grades, the failure rate would be enourmous. We have open book test’s now, we allow them to take their test at home, we give them extra assignments for extra credit, block schedule so they now do their homework in class. Their lazy and we allow it. They know it or they would get to work.

October 19 2005: Wolf emails Jeb Bush (note: text has been edited to correct formatting errors in source)

From: Halbiga Wolfgang <Halbig[email protected]>
To: Governor Jeb Bush
Date: 10/19/2005 6:42:38 PM
Subject: Emergency Management Recommendation

Governor Bush;

In the United Air Force I was trained in Disaster Preparedness in light of the fact that our base served as a B-52 Bomber base with nuclear weapons. The number one issue that confronted the base and the community on a daily bases was what if a B-52 Bomber crashed and an accident occurred triggering an explosion. How would we handle such a scenario?

Hurricane Katrina again showed us that we are vulnerable when a plan is not executed and all of our resources not utilized. We in Florida have been very fortunate in our response. But I would like for you to urgently consider adopting a new concept that requires Amtrak to become a front line provider in evacuating senior citizens out of the area. Our job would be to transport them to the train station for evacuation. The sleeper cars would be ideal in providing some comfort instead of lying on a tarmac, airport lounge, cargo area ,or left in a wheel chair to die. The compartments would allow nursing help as needed; the dinning cars would provide food services that are fully serviced before arriving. Homeland Security can sent those resources to an area that needs to have to most vulnerable evacuated.

The United States Government already subsidizes this expensive system, and I believe that with your help that states that need to get people out of the area who cannot afford it can use the trains and our busses. Large numbers can be evacuated quickly and safely to designated points for pickup and sheltering.

Amtrak is one of our greatest resources for the elderly. Please, Please, Please get someone to incorporate this most valuable resource into our response program in order to save those in need. You are our leader in time of emergencies; please share this concept with others.

Wolfgang W.


November 8, 2005: the law firm of Morgan & Morgan, on behalf of Wolfgang Halbig, files a Petition for Benefits with the State of Florida, Division of Administrative Hearings, Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. This is for benefits applying to the Sept 23rd on the job injury. http://lakecountygov.info/Halbig-Petition-for-Benefits.pdf

The form includes this entry: “The injured employee seeks Authorization and payment of evaluation and treatment with a psychiatrist as recommended by Dr. Rosen; see Attached; Authorization and payment of Aquatic Therapy Program 3x/week for 2-3 months; see attached– However, Wolfgang in 2012 would deny that he followed this recommendation for psychiatric treatment from Dr. Rosen.

November 14 2005 – Wolf and Kathleen take out a mortgage

January 14, 2006: Prevention, training are keys to school safety, experts say –  [LINK]

 January 21 2006: Metal detectors not cure-all, schools say – essentially a rehashing of the previous week’s article (note that Wolf is described as “a consultant in risk management with WK and Associates” – WK is Wolfgang, so he is a consultant with himself.) [LINK]

Walk-through and wand-style detectors can be found in hundreds of Florida schools, including some in Orange County, but national changes in school-safety philosophy have refocused the attention of schools on other strategies.

“I think what they’ve learned is that metal detectors are not as effective as other programs that are available,” said Wolfgang Halbig, a consultant with WK and Associates, an Apopka-based security company that has worked with local school districts. “We’ve learned the school-safety package has to be more complete than that.”

March 21 2006 “The School Board approved the settlement of the workers’ compensation claim of Wolfgang Halbig as recommended by Michael Peterson, Esq.”



1. Superintendent’s Recommendation: That the School Board of Seminole County approve the settlement of the workers’ compensation claim of Wolfgang Halbig as recommended by Michael Peterson, Esq. 2. Background/Analysis: Mr. Halbig was employed by the Seminole County School Board, as an assistant principal at the time of his injuries. He sustained compensable injuries on September 23, 2004 and thereafter. […] Fiscal Impact: A one time charge of $11,750.00 against the district’s self-insurance fund.

April 6,2006: Sonitrol Corporation buys its Orlando franchise owned by Bill Ford – Wolf’s partner.


May 29, 2006: – Wolfgang donates $400 to the Democratic party in Florida


Wolfgang Halbig (Wk&associates/Safety And Security C), (Zip code: 32712) $400 to  DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF FLORIDA on 05/29/06

June 24, 2006 – Schools scramble to get insurance – Halbig is quoted as showing frustration with the budgeting process for insurance policies and severe weather. He is a “risk manager for Lake County Schools.[LINK]

But the schools have a lot of real estate. Some of it, such as Seabreeze High in Daytona Beach with its otherwise-enviable ocean view, is at high risk from hurricanes.

How are we supposed to protect the taxpayers’ investment in the schools if the insurance companies are refusing to write policies that will cover them?” said Wolfgang Halbig, risk manager for Lake County schools.

This year, Seminole had $200 million in insurance coverage and paid $1.3 million for it. The premium for the coming year will be $3.4 million for the $25 million coverage that includes a higher deductible.

July 20, 2006: A forum post at edweekly is submitted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator”  [LINK] 

CELLPHONES……. As a school administrator I beleive that every must be required to carry a cell phone in the event that the school administration, school guidance counselor, teacher or school clinic can find the parent when needed during the school day. I find it amazing that we can never get ahold of the parent when we need them in the event of a discipline issue or when a child is injured. Yet, the parents are telling us the school that there child is going to have a cell phone. When parents take responsibilty of their child then only then should we consider the use by students in after school hours use to reach the parent. As a school administrator I have never denied a student from calling his parent or the use of our pay phone. This is getting totally out of control especiall now with the picture phones being used in the showers or bathrooms and posting the image on the Internet. We are the school, we do not tell parents how to raise their children. Therefore let us do what is right in establishing a school climate for learning not cell phone, picture or messaging use throught the school day.

This is common sense………

August 29, 2006: Wolfgang posts a comment to Education Weekly. In it, he once again argues for a law or amendment that would force lawmakers to work at public schools. He also demonstrates an awareness of the Gates Foundation providing grants to schools. His wife, Kathleen, would go on to be a director of resources from a Gates grant, in the same school district that employs both of them at this point in  time (Lake County).


Posted by: Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator | August 29, 2006 2:41 PM

Bill and Melinda Gates are on a noble mission which is to help schools achieve. Those changes will never ever take place until state legislators are required to substitute teach four days a year. One day in the Elemetary School, one day in the middle school, one day in the high school and finally on the fourth day they must ride a school bus to and from school.

This would be a giant step in improving the quality of public schools. I believe it is time for all voters to adopt a constitutional amendment that will require them to be held accountable by becoming an active community worker/substitude and not as a legislator. There is a famous chinese saying that I used as a school administrator and as a teacher in the classroom 1. If they only hear it they will forget. 2. If the see it then they will remember. 3. If they do it then they will understand. This is just common sense, why would you not want to be part of our educational system by becoming a substitude for only four school days. This will allow you to see and remember as you are funding and writing new legislation that will hinder school districts from doing their job such as the NO CHILD LEFT BEHING LEGISLATION.

If you are reading this message, please get others involved in order to make this happen.


Posted by: Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator | March 28, 2007 2:59 PM

On day one of school every student has an A, what parents need to learn and be told is how his or her child child lost that A. We should not have to explain how the child earned a C and get totally blasted by the parents. This grade inflation is a serious issue in every private, parochial and public school in the country. If you out there think it is not a problem, you need a serious reality check. Do I give the student a D or F, If I give them a F I may have him or her again next year, I don’t want to have to deal with those parents again. So we give a D and move the problem on to the next teacher. Multiply that by the thousands and you have a serious problem. Do I give a student a B or A knowing that the parents are going to jump into your face by giving him or her a B. So we give them an A. Problem solved. We have school administrators looking at the grade distribution by teachers, if too many fail for not doing their work they get hammered on their evaluation. We have school administrators looking at the demographic grade distribution and if too many whites pass versus african americans or mexicans they get hammered. Those of you in the trenches know that we are giving away the store in order to make the system happy. Forget the cheating aspects of grade inflation. We see it and fail to deal it with because of having to deal with the parents and their lawyers. This is a serious very serious issue that I am glad someone is least bringing it to the forefront in discussing the issue.


Posted by: Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator | April 18, 2007 1:38 PM

Red Flags everywhere and we again fail to see the warning signs. From his dorm room to his classes to his writing. When you take the content of his writing plus behavior you have a red flag.

I just completed training over 5000 school police officers and school administrators on rules of engagement. I am hoping that the first police officer on the scene engaged the shooter to neutralize the shooter and save lives. The first incident with two fatalities probably caused all the campus police officer to respond to that dorm, it is a natural reaction by police. There is a shift change from midnight to dayshift and what most parents and the community do not know that the school police department does not have the manpower or the resources to handle these fatalities in a very effective time frame, they must wait for the juristication in charge to take over which would probably be the State Police in this case. Valuable time lost, and now there is another shooting across campus, who is charge. Columbine showed this country that failure to communicate and failure to engage caused students to die and get seriously injured. Rules of engagement must be crystal clear as you can see at VT. What parents do not know is that college police departments losse jurisdiction when fatalities unfold on school campuses. I cannot believe on how many police officers were hiding behind trees and police cars while shots are being fired while students and school staff are being killed and injured. This can happen anywhere at anytime.

April 16, 2007: Aquasplash Pools, LLC is registered by Erik Halbig.

July 19, 2007: Board considers school safety audit – Ocala-Star Banner article describes how Brian Marcum (Wolfgang’s associate) is pushing the Marion County school board to hire an unnamed “safety consultanthttp://www.ocala.com/article/20070719/NEWS/70719008?p=1&tc=pg

OCALA – Marion County School Board members say the School District is doing a good job at protecting students but more security measures must be taken to ensure that safety record continues.

At a workshop today, School Board members debated whether to spend about $200,000 to hire a security consultant to examine the county’s 50 schools, looking for risks and potential threats.

”We’ve been lucky,” School Board Chairman Ron Crawford said of the few serious instances that have occurred on school campuses. ”The world is becoming more dangerous.”

[…] [Brian] Marcum said during the meeting that security needs to be beefed up it because the terrorist group al Qaeda has announced more Americans must be targeted and that ”4 million adults and 1 million children must die,” he said.

July 22 2007: Halbig gives a presentation


November 28, 2007: Wolfgang Halbig contributes to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She is opposing Barack Obama. http://www.city-data.com/elec2/08/elec-APOPKA-FL-08.html

December 31 2007: “Architects Must Participate in School Safety and Security Audits” – an article written by Wolfgang Halbig is published in Campus Safety Magazine. It is a very revealing document as to his professional ambitions and employment status at this time. [LINK]

From the time students are dismissed in the afternoon until well into the evening, demands are made on a wide variety of school facilities to support an extensive array of student programs and activities. Band and chorus rooms, the stage and auditorium, the gymnasium, locker rooms, athletic fields, the media center, computer labs, multi-purpose rooms and the school cafeteria all receive intense utilization throughout the school year. The challenge confronting architects is to design a building in such a fashion that students and the public can simultaneously use it safely, and custodial personnel can clean, maintain and secure vacant parts of the campus.

It is because of these challenges that WK & Associates recommends assessments be conducted annually on the campus of every school in America and that school design architects participate with safety and security experts, administrators, and other appropriate persons in the conduct of such audits.

Districts Shouldn’t Just Leave It All Up to the Principals

Every architect today uses safety and security as their No.1 priority when presenting their design to school board members. The problem is that they design it, build it and walk away. School administrators then are confronted with the poor traffic flow for parents and school buses, as well as a lack of parking spaces for school staff, visitors and students where applicable.

Architects and engineers engaged in building new schools or renovating old ones must provide administrators with the locations in their design of the safest areas to evacuate students and staff in the event of severe weather/tornados or even in the event of a shelter-in-place event. We cannot place this awesome responsibility solely on a school principal.

Remember, school and workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Wolfgang Halbig is currently the director of risk management for the Lake County (Fla.) Public Schools. He was formerly the executive director and national school safety consultant for the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. He can be reached at [email protected]


January 3, 2008 – Wolfgang is ticketed for speeding.

March/April 2008: Halbig writes a retrospective “one year later” article about Virginia Tech in Campus Safety Magazine. He also makes note of the lack of success he had in convincing school boards to purchase tiplines: http://regents.ohio.gov/safetyandsecurity/resources/CS3VAtech.pdf

“We have to get away from these custodians having to walk around and unlock or lock the doors,” says Wolfgang Halbig, director of risk management for the Lake County (Fla.) Public Schools. And some campuses do have the ability to automatically lock buildings by campus dispatchers. Many others are looking to adopt more sophisticated access control systems that involve card access. That said, it’s doubtful anytime soon we’ll see most campus public safety departments being able to just flip a switch to secure every building.


Also, bullying and harassment are troubling issues that remain in schools. “It’s amazing that they refuse to invest in a simple hotline program, which allows parents and children to call about bullying, harassment and drugs,” says Halbig. “It’s the best investment you can make, but they won’t do it.”

April 17, 2008 A blog post is submitted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator” that shows frustration at the failure of the Real Hero Foundation’s amendment effort, and summons the United States presidential candidates to its aid. [LINK]

The solution of fixing the public school system is crystal clear for all of the presidential candidates. The problem is that they do not have the guts or courage to stand up in directing ever congressman and women to substitute teach four school days a year in their state. You cannot fix something that is broke if you do not see it. The presidential candidates must require them to work those four days or they would loose federal funding for there states, this idea can transition down to all of the state legislators in which there counties or districts would loose funding if not completed. A national program to fix public education by those who make the laws and funded and are screwing it up big time because they do not see or understand in what is truly happening on a daily basis in our schools. How simple can it be; They would spent one day in the high School as a Substitute teacher, one day in the Middle School, one day in the elementary school and finally one day riding a school bus to and from school. You will learn.

We all know the ancient chinese saying which states” That if I hear it I forget, If I see it I remember and If I do it I will understand”. Well if the Chinese can figure this out then I don’t understand why our presidential candidates can’t.

Florida United States Senator gace up one day per month and dedicated it as a work day, picking oranges in the groves, digging ditches, cutting grass on the highways etc. He had the balls to step up and stop hearing about all the problems, he went to see it and do it so he could understand when writing legislation effectiving the lives of children and adults. THis is common sense and one day the people will make it happen even if the presidential candidates fail in have the courage to stand up for our children and school staff.

June 24, 2008: Wolfgang is among those from the Lake County School Board who attend a Purchasing Department meeting at the Howey Education Center. There, proposals are heard from four insurance providers for district employee health coverage. School Board member Larry Metz is also in attendance.

During this series of proposals, Halbig takes special notice of interactions between Larry Metz and vendor Brown & Brown Insurance.

August 31, 2008 – Wolfgang contributes to John McCain’s presidential campaign, opposing Barack Obama


September 25 2008 – Wolfgang is listed on the “Preferred Government Insurance Trust Risk Advisory Board” for the “The Crossings at Fleming Island” community development in Orange Park. Interestingly, liability insurance for the development is handled by Brown & Brown, an organization that Wolfgang will soon come into conflict with. [LINK]

November 10, 2008: Lake County School Board meeting notes that a bid from Brown & Brown is awaiting approval, and Larry Metz is moving the process forward.

November 2008: Dr. Susan Moxley becomes Superintendent of Lake County Schools, replacing Anna P. Cowin. She begins making personnel changes for her new administration.[LINK]

Sometime in the next month or two, Wolfgang feels depressed over “harassment” toward him under Moxley’s administration. He sees a psychiatrist, and begins taking anti-depressants.


January 15, 2009 – “Wolfgang W. Halbig” Wolf leaves this comment, with the subject line “Good Friend”, on an article about a coach entering a hall of fame: http://mobile.newssun.com/0111-rewis-hall

As a former Red Devil Baseball Player you make me truly proud. I also hoped that one day you would have a a chance to coach the Red Devils because it is in your Blood. I am just glad that the Firemans Association of Sebring doesn’t tell you how to coach. Congratulations to you, Judy and family. I will always remember your help. wolf

February 15, 2009: Erik Halbig trespasses somewhere, and is apparently intoxicated at the time.

March 13, 2009 – Divorce filed for Erik Halbig:


March 31, 2009: a comment posted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig” to Education Weekly praises the German school system over USA’s.  [LINK]

I attended the German Public School system in 1952-1958 and learned discipline and respect for my teachers and grandparents. I never knew my father or my mother until I was 14 years old.

April 16, 2009: Erik Halbig is charged with trespassing and disorderly intoxication, for the February incident.


June 15, 2009: Wolfgang attends an agenda meeting regarding health insurance for school employees. The purpose of this meeting was to decide whether or not to approve the benefits proposal put together by Scott Hindeman, the broker for the district. Apparently, Wolfgang proposed that they reject the proposal, and in some way the cost of the plan dropped “in three minutes” by “a million dollars,” which Wolfgang found to be suspicious.

Eventually, Larry Metz (who is an Assistant Superintendent on the school board, while Wolfgang is just employed there as a risk manager) tells him he has the votes to just pass it despite Wolf’s objections, and  that if Wolf persists, he is just going to get himself fired. Wolf persists. [LINK]

June 30, 2009: Wolfgang Halbig is terminated/fired/contract allowed to expire by Superintendent Susan Moxley, according to Wolf’s profile “The Alternative” published a year late on on Jun 3 2010.

Question #16 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why did you list on your 2012 resume under Lake County Public Schools “Director of Risk Management, 2005 – Current” when your contract was terminated in 2009? Obviously you updated your resume as recently as 2012, since it includes an entry for a corporation you didn’t even file for until 2012, so why didn’t you correct this part?

According to Wolfgang, he “writes a movie script” in between working expert witness cases, after ending employment with the school board.

September 24, 2009: Wolfgang and his son Erik register the corporation “Bullies Beware Inc”


January 21st, 2010: Halbig sends an email to to Lake County School Board members, titled “For the Record.” (Apparently, he is protesting his termination six months before.) This is after Halbig, according to Metz, met with Metz and expressed concern over the Brown & Brown price quote for insurance:

“We used to pay Brown and Brown $6,158,000 million dollars for the entire package one year and on the average since 2005-2006 we paid over $5,350,000 million dollars and would be paying the over $6,158,000 million dollar price tag had it not been for Larry Metz questioning Scott Hindman on the high premium we are paying since our claims history has now a .99 experience mod.

 Just a simple challenge by Larry Metz in suggesting that we may switch to another program caused Scott Hindman to drop our premium insurance over $1,000,000 million dollars in three minutes.

 No other school board member raised any concerns and I have always wondered why?

If he dropped our premium by over a $1,000,000 million dollars in three minutes does that mean he could have done that in 2005-2006, 2006-2007 maybe I guess we will never find out since no other board member held the company accountable.”

January 26, 2010: Wolf falls on the sidewalk while jogging near his home. He and Kathleen would sue the city of Apopka the following year in  2011-CA-010228-O : HALBIG, WOLFGANG et al.vs.CITY OF APOPKA

Chapter 8: Axis of Evil


Jan 18 2001: Wolfgang again emails Governor Bush. He attaches two articles from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which are not included in the state’s email archives, but probably had to do with tip lines given the context of the email:

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: Jeb Bush
1/18/2001 9:20:31 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.htm
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.htm

Governor Bush:

I am forwarding this article to you for your review. We in Florida need to
take a serious look at this issue. I conduct safety and security assessments
across this country, it allows me the opportunity to interview students from
Florida to California. It is amazing what you learn when you LISTEN to our
students. I hope this article will open discussion between you and our
Department of Education. Students are bored and getting into trouble.


Wolfgang W. Halbig

February 16, 2001 – Halbig writes a letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, in response to an article about “tip lines.” Wolf’s critique is to push the “hotlines” he sells as a better product, citing his credentials as a school safety expert. [LINK]

‘What’s my line?’

School districts in your area have been sold a bill of goods with “tiplines” (article, Feb. 8). It will not be a long-term effective program students buy into.

Students must be taught to break the code of silence. By calling this hot line (called something like “Save-a-Friend,” not a “tipline”), they can save a friend in trouble. They must know they are doing the right thing by picking up the phone or even telling a teacher, parent or counselor.

The common denominator in every tragic school shooting or incidents that have been prevented was someone having the courage to do the right thing.


National Institute for School and

Workplace Safety

Orlando, Fla.

March 5 2001: Wolfgang Halbig’s son Erik Halbig cited for driving with a suspended license, as well as failure to obey a traffic control device (stoplight, etc.)


Question #11 Wolfgang MUST answer: Aren’t you a former driver’s education teacher and Florida state trooper? Why didn’t you instill in him any respect for safe driving, given the horrors you supposedly witnessed on Florida’s roadways? Why did you allow your son to violate the law like this?

March 14, 2001: Aspen Realty Associates, Inc. is registered as a Domestic Profit corporation in the state of New Mexico. Kathleen S. Halbig serves as its secretary and treasurer.

March 23, 2001: LA Times article about school shooting threats online, Halbig is quoted http://articles.latimes.com/2001/mar/23/news/mn-41698

This is just the beginning,” said Halbig, of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. “The Internet grows by leaps and bounds,” he said. “And we better have the procedures in place to deal with it.”

May 3, 2001: Wolfgang Halbig’s son Erik Halbig  is arrested, apparently while drunk (underage) and in possession of marijuana. Again, he is found to be driving with a suspended license [LINK]






May 17 2001: “Workshop will focus on school safety report” – An article published in the Gainesville Sun observes the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety in middle of transitioning to the second step of Wolfgang’s emerging school safety strategy:

In Alachua County, NISWS conducted a “safety audit,” and sure enough found abundant security lapses. Now, after the inspection’s “safety report” has identified deficiencies/opportunities at the county’s schools, the “workshop” pitches costly solutions offered by Wolfgang and/or his associates. [LINK]

Now, NISWS completes their “report,” a list of recommendations to address the security issues found in the audit. NISWS also sells solutions to these problems that they identified.

May 30, 2001: The Gainesville Sun reports: “School Safety Study Finds District Lacking” – In a follow-up from the Gainesville Sun, Halbig is now Ron Davis’s “consultant” with the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. Davis/Halbig find serious safety concern at six campuses, for which they recommend extensive safety training for teams of teachers. Also, name tags. [LINK]

Less than a month ago, a consultant for the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety walked through the front doors of Lincoln Middle School two hours before the first bell rang at 8:55am, easily making his way through unlocked classrooms, hallways, the front office, cafeteria, kitchen, and restrooms.

No one but cafeteria employees questions his presence at the school.

“We try to come through a wooded area and make it all the way to the bathroom unchallenged, because that’s the profile that pedophiles follow,” consultant Ron Davis said during a three-hour work-shop Tuesday at the Alachua County School Board.

Citing a serious lack of adult supervision on at least six Alachua County school campuses, the consultants recommended that School Board members consider issuing photo identification cards for teachers, assembling “safe teams” of a dozen teachers and administrators on each campus to be experts on safety procedures, and providing intensive training to help teachers and administrators face increasingly violent schoolyard settings.

September 6, 2001 – Wolfgang attends a conference “Voices from the Field”

September 11, 2001: 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. In his 2012 deposition, Wolfgang would claim that the shift in national focus after this event led to money for school safety companies becoming scarce.

September 16, 2001: Security Experts Weigh Changes – Wolfgang is quoted in an Orlando Sun article about the changes to workplace safety and security after 9/11. [TEXT]

Americans are used to coming and going freely at their offices and government buildings, confronting generally modest, if any, security measures. But anxiety since the attack has reminded everyone just how different things could be.

I think we’re very lax,” said Wolfgang Halbig, who heads a security consulting company in Lake Mary that specializes in school and workplace safety. “No matter where I go, I am never challenged. If I dress professionally, I can go wherever I want.”

Basic security measures, such as ID badges and visitor sign-in sheets, are often fraught with potential security lapses, Halbig said. For example, a visitor at Orange County School District headquarters must sign in and get a badge. But then he has free rein of the nine-story building, Halbig said. […]

But Halbig said heightened security does not have to be intrusive or expensive. Companies can train all employees to be vigilant about security risks, he said. It may mean not letting the person behind you slip into the building without a badge, or looking for jittery behavior in a visitor, he said.

“It doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’s raising the level of awareness,” he said.

September 17 2001: (RIGHT) Wolfgang registers the domestic profit corporation “NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR SCHOOL AND WORKPLACE SAFETY INC.” Ron Davis also serves as president of this corporation..

October 31, 2001: Workplace Safety must be everybody’s job – [LINK]

Wolfgang W. Halbig, executive director of the Heathrow, Fla.-based National Institute for School and Workplace Safety (nisws.com), says employers:

– Should not assume security technology, such as closed-circuit cameras, is adequate. “Cameras can establish a false sense of security,” Halbig said.

– Should be especially vigilant at the front desk or lobby.

– Should train all employees–not just guards–in all aspects of safety.

– Should emphasize respect for diversity while providing a safe way for employees to report concerns.

“We can prevent a lot of stuff from happening if we just open up our eyes and look around us,” Halbig said.

November, 2001: – Oregon presentation:

November 13, 2001 : Wolfgang attends the “Voices from the Field: Working Together for Safe and Secure Schools” Summit on School Safety in Jacksonville, FL (so does Ron Davis) http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED471877.pdf

November 14 2001: registers “The Real Hero Foundation, Inc”

Filing Information

Document Number


FEI/EIN Number


Date Filed


Effective Date






November 27, 2001 : a PR release from NISWS [LINK]

Parent Negligence Endangers School Children, Says National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.

HEATHROW, Fla. — Parents are endangering their children’s safety and compromising school district security by dropping children off at school early or picking them up too late.

Nationwide school safety and security assessments performed by Wolfgang W. Halbig, Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, reveal children being dropped off on school campuses up to seventy minutes before the start of classes.

Halbig cited the October 15, 2001 sexual assault of a 13-year-old Tucson, AZ, middle school student whose mother dropped the child off at 7:00 AM to complete her homework. Students are not allowed into campus buildings until 8:25 AM. The girl was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom.

Calling it a national safety and security crisis, Halbig noted the incident is not isolated. He said while school districts are trying to keep security risks as low as possible, parents contribute to school safety problems when children are on-campus before or after school hours. He added that threats to children during those hours include child custody abductions, bullying and harassment.

“This safety alert is to get parents to be more responsible by not placing school districts at risk,” Halbig said. “Parents need to be true partners with their school systems in protecting their children.”

Halbig is a nationally recognized expert on school safety and security issues. NISWS provides school districts with preventive measures to protect school districts against possible litigation.

About National Institute for School and Workplace Safety: NISWS (http://www.nisws.com/) offers one-on-one consulting, seminars, hotlines, and criminal database programs for schools, businesses, corporations and law enforcement agencies that are prevention driven, not incident driven.

November 30 2001: Another press release from NISWS shows Wolfgang struggling to adjust to the post-9/11 shifts in their industry, as he tries to connect school safety to the terrorist attacks. He also admonishes parents to keep their firearms secured, perhaps thinking back to when his own firearm was stolen by a minor and brought to a school. [LINK]

Threat of Guns in Schools Escalates Since 9-11 Warns National Institute for School and Workplace Safety

HEATHROW, Fla., Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Escalating gun sales since The September 11th terrorist attacks threaten the safety and security of schools across the United States, according to Wolfgang W. Halbig, Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.

An NISWS survey of law enforcement officials and gun shops in five states shows sales up from fifty percent to two hundred percent in many areas since the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Many of these weapons are going to first-time gun owners who lack training about proper use and storage.

[…] Now more than ever, in light of these alarming statistics, parents and everyone in the community should make certain that guns are properly stored and that gun locks are used on all weapons, said Halbig. He also encouraged the use of school safety hotlines by parents and students to report threats or suspicious activity. “Student silence is our worst enemy,” Halbig said, “when less than half of students say they would tell an adult if they heard a student talking about shooting someone at school.”

Halbig, a former law enforcement office and educator, is a nationally recognized expert on school safety and security issues.

About National Institute for School and Workplace Safety: NISWS (www.nisws.com) provides school districts with proven solutions to protect students, faculty, and staff and prevent litigation. NISWS offers one-on-one consulting, seminars, hotlines, and criminal database programs for schools, businesses, corporations and law enforcement agencies that are prevention-driven, not incident-driven.


January 27 2002: Forum stresses safety in schools – Wolfgang Halbig delivers a school safety presentation in Springfield, Massachusetts.


Presenter Wolfgang W. Halbig, executive director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety in Orlando, Fla., was brought to the group by Sonitrol Corp.

Employees from area school districts whose buildings are protected by Sonitrol equipment were invited. Participants included administrators, counselors, police officers and custodians from Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke, West Springfield, Westfield, Ludlow, Greenfield and several northern Connecticut towns.

Halbig peppered his talk with real stories, such as the walkout and the fight, and urged districts to make sure every employee   —   and every student   —   is involved in keeping schools safe.

“Kids are ready to step up and take ownership. They only need to be invited,” he said.

Halbig, a former Florida state trooper and school administrator, advised them to produce a safety plan that will apply to every school in their district, and update it yearly. And every office worker must know how to stop the ringing of the bells that alert students to change classes. If there is a danger in the halls, officials will want the students to stay in their classes.

April 24, 2002: Wolfgang files a lien against Allen and Judy Flood, in the amount of $270,000 for the property at Towers Ten Condominiums unit 2201 (see Nov 2002 for outcome.)

(RIGHT: Towers Ten Condominiums, 3425 S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118)

June 27, 2002: “Forum Stresses Safety In Schools” http://www.masslive.com/news/parchives/ae627vio.html

SPRINGFIELD   —   It’s near the end of first lunch in the school cafeteria and students are riled enough over their new schedules to storm out of the building in protest, all 600 of them.

How does the assistant principal respond?

The school custodian turns a hallway corner to stumble onto a fierce fight involving several students and a few dozen young witnesses.

What’s the right thing to do?

Those questions were met with silence yesterday at a daylong seminar at Central High School, where 200 women and men from 15 school districts got together to learn a few things about school safety and security.

Presenter Wolfgang W. Halbig, executive director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety in Orlando, Fla., was brought to the group by Sonitrol Corp.

Employees from area school districts whose buildings are protected by Sonitrol equipment were invited. Participants included administrators, counselors, police officers and custodians from Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke, West Springfield, Westfield, Ludlow, Greenfield and several northern Connecticut towns

July 2, 2002 – Erik Halbig is once again cited for driving without a valid license.  http://www.seminoleclerk.org/CriminalDocket/case_detail.jsp?CaseNo=592002MM006348A

November 8, 2002: a hearing is scheduled for the lien Halbig filed against the Floods.

November 22, 2002: Wolfgang Halbig’s lien against the Floods for the Towers Ten condominium is found to be “invalid, void and of no legal effect.”

December 15, 2002: Wolfang’s son Erik Halbig is arrested for obstructing police, resisting arrest. http://www.seminoleclerk.org/CriminalDocket/case_detail.jsp?CaseNo=592012CF003702A

December 21, 2002: Wolfgang once again emails Governor Jeb Bush, begging for a job. It’s not clear why he wants “the responsibility of teaching and mentoring the most difficult students” when his success in this respect (when raising his own child, no less) was evident in arrest records less than a week before:

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: [email protected]
Date: 12/21/2002 4:01:26 AM
Subject: Safe Schools Information Sharing Technology Program

Governor Bush:

I served as the school principal at an alternative high school called Project Excel In Seminole County, Florida. This is a second chance school for students who were expelled. As a naturalized citizen from another country who couldn’t speak a word of English, and still has a hard time sometimes. I wanted the responsibility of teaching and mentoring the most difficult students that others labeled as losers.

I was an at-risk child in the United States, I never knew who my father was. Please consider allowing me to work with your administration, whether helping Mr. Regier or on your educational staff. My passion and honesty is crystal clear. Mr. Charlie Crist the former commissioner of Education, Mr. Jim King President of the Florida Senate has seen a part of my presentations. I would also recommend former Senate President Toni Jennings as someone who would support my hopes in your consideration. As a former Florida State Trooper who was the first college graduate to enter the academy in Tallahassee, and leave as the class president not too bad being an at-risk child, no father as a role model and always destroying the English language. Please give me a chance, just as someone once had faith in you. You will not be disappointed in my work ethics and the passion for children and education.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.


February 26, 2003 – Domestic violence can reach beyond the home front – Wolfgang is quoted in an article on the effect of spousal abuse on workplace safety. He recommends more hotlines. [LINK]

Wolfgang Halbig, executive director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, believes that most employers are behind the curve. In his view: “If you were to ask most companies to see their safety plan–meaning a comprehensive safety and security plan–they wouldn’t have it. Corporate America doesn’t want to spend the money on training until there’s litigation. Instead, it’s `Let’s put a guard outside with a gun.’ So employees haven’t been trained to see the red flags that could prevent incidents.”

For example, says Halbig, a small step such as requiring visitors to print, not sign, their names before gaining access to offices can head off trouble. Someone in an agitated or angry state of mind will likely resist having to slow down long enough to print his name, at which point his entry can be delayed (or denied) so that more questions can be asked.

He also suggests having an employee hot line for workers to report potential dangers and encouraging employees to share personal problems if they are having a hard time dealing with them. Wells says putting up posters referring employees to outside resources that help victims of domestic violence is another small measure firms can take.

March 6, 2003: Crime-stat Discrepancies At Schools Concern Parents – [LINK]

“Somebody needs to make sure everybody in the state is on the same page,” said Wolfgang Halbig, executive director of the Orlando-based National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.

“Legislators need good valid data when they’re looking at how to change laws that relate to discipline.”

March 15, 2003: Wolfgang delivers a “training seminar” at a Catholic church in Orlando. 

Halbig jokes that “when you raise your right hand, to take the oath of office… don’t you take oath of poverty? We are never, ever going to get rich in this profession!”

Wolfgang pushes hard for bringing police to school campuses, and pitches the NISWS “hotline” system. Near the end the archived footage of this event, a “detective” starts endorsing an audio surveillance package, exactly the technology that Sonitrol markets, with Wolfgang’s endorsement.

Selected quotes:

  • “I’m always truthful.”
  • “I did grow up in Avon Park, Florida. But I also want you to know this today: when you look at me – and I’m mad as can be to this day – [inaudible] I never knew who my father was. And I’m angry.”
  • “The number one problem, that we’ve got to get ahold of, is the lack of respect that the young people have towards adults.”
  • “Parents don’t think they need to sign it at schools. They just walk right in. They leave nasty messages on our phone. I’ll tell you what, my wife is a middle school teacher, she is ready to quit. I will tell you. Teacher of the year! She is ready to walk away.”
  • “You might be that one teacher who could save my son. My son got in trouble for drugs. If it weren’t for the teacher and school counselor who save my kid, he’d be dead.”
  • “This state trooper says: let me show you how we do it in Miami, Florida. The biggest mistake I ever made, I will never ever let anybody else tell me how to do my job.”

At one point Wolf says, gesturing to someone in the back of the room, “and I also wanna thank Sonitrol’s Bill Ford for sponsoring this workshop.” Bill Ford then shown standing at the back wall. (RIGHT)

August 22, 2003: Petition drive seeks to teach lawmakers a school lesson

An AP Report out of Orlando reveals that Wolfgang is part of a group collecting signatures to introduce a constitutional amendment that would “ force Florida lawmakers to work three days a year as a substitute teacher and one as a bus monitor.” [LINK]

Wolfgang Halbig says he does not expect his idea to get a good reception in Tallahassee. He plans to enlist the help of teachers unions, parent organizations and other groups to get the nearly half million signatures needed to get the measure on the fall 2004 ballot. Under the plan, lawmakers would spend one day each in an elementary, middle and high school. A fourth day would be spent riding school buses.

The effort is noted to have been initiated by the “Real Hero Foundation,” out of Apopka.

August 23 2003: Sign Here to make FL Nuttier – A St. Petersburg-Times editorial makes note of the various proposals vying for a spot on the upcoming election ballot. In a curious moment, Halbig suggests that part of the benefit of his proposed program would be that it would require all lawmakers to be fingerprinted and tested for illegal drugs:  [LINK]

One might wonder exactly what lawmakers would teach our children. Maybe the art of holding out a tin cup and begging money from every passerby or filing bills that benefit their biggest campaign donors.

But Wolfgang Halbig, an Apopka man who formed the Real Hero Foundation to back the teaching amendment, sees another benefit: Lawmakers would have to be fingerprinted and drug-tested to be substitutes.

“If they could see teachers on a daily basis and watch what they have to do from the time the kids show up, it’s almost a babysitting service instead of teaching,” says Halbig, a former teacher, principal and nationally recognized expert on school safety.

He hopes to recruit help from teacher unions, parents and others as he sets out to collect the 488,722 signatures he needs to get the measure on the ballot. Halbig says he got the idea from U.S. Sen. Bob Graham’s work days.



April 25, 2003: Can we make our schools more secure


Rather than rely solely on electronic hardware and gadgets, school officials should be watching students for a change in behavior, said Wolfgang Halbig, president of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety in Maitland, Fla.

Halbig, who conducted a workshop for Harrisburg School District 1 1/2 years ago on ways to get students to speak up about violence, encourages the creation of 24-hour anonymous tip lines, so students can report threats without fearing retribution.

August 24, 2003: Proposed Amendment Aims To Teach Legislators A Lesson – more coverage of the Real Hero Foundation’s proposed amendment to require lawmakers to substitute teach. [LINK]

I want them to see how disrespectful so many kids are to their teachers. They’re going to have kids who tell them where to go. You’re going to see legislators ask if it’s safe,” said security consultant Wolfgang Halbig, who launched the initiative.

“You’re going to see every one of them [legislators] say it’s a bad idea,” he added.

September 2, 2003: Bad company – a short editorial dismisses the Real Hero Foundation’s amendment as one that “would only further trivialize Florida’s constitution.”:[LINK]

October 27, 2003: Save-A-Friend Hotline Program Signs Big Maryland School District. PR Release from NISWS announces they have received a “commitment” from the Anne Arundel (Maryland) school district for a hotline. It is the first documented relationship between Anne Arundel Schools and NISWS, a relationship that would soon grow more significant. [LINK]

The National Institute for School and Workplace Safety (OTC Pink Sheets:NIFW) has received a commitment from Anne Arundel School District to implement NISWS’ Save-A-Friend Hotline program. This will be the largest school district to adopt this innovative hotline program that focuses on saving children, not drugs, weapons, and crimes like its many competitors. In Florida, the SAF hotline in one small county receives over 150 calls a year, 40 more than the statewide BE BRAVE hotline that operates in 39 counties and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars more to operate.

Wolfgang Halbig, executive director of NISWS, and a former state trooper and school safety director says: “We should not be judged on how many children we put into jail, but how many lives we save.” As the driving force behind the hotline, he wants schools to focus on helping children through the difficult school years by having an anonymous place they can call and get help on suicide, abuse, threats, intimidation and bullying. “This is a live voice service whose job it is to ask ‘How can I help your friend’ not how can we put more kids in jail,” adds Mr. Halbig.

It is NISWS’ goal to add 100 new school districts a year to its Save-A-Friend hotline services, one school district at a time. Currently there are over 16,000 school districts in the U.S.

November 10, 2003: National Institute for School and Workplace Safety: The Safe School Initiative Funds Begin to Flow. Another press release from NISWS, seemingly seeking to encourage readers the school safety cash drought is over. [LINK]

HEATHROW, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 10, 2003

The state and federal funds targeted to school districts for the purpose of providing a safer academic environment for all students have reached over $2.5 billion in 2003. With funding coming from the No Child Left Behind Act, Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the Department of Education, educators are now able to proactively examine and improve their safety and security programs without stressing the local budgets.

In a recent presentation to 300 School Resource Officers and Principals put on by the Justice Department’s COPS program, Wolfgang Halbig, Executive Director of NISWS, asked the audience: “How do you know how or what to spend the money on if you don’t first determine what your problems are? Accountability and getting the best bang for the buck are the keys to a well executed Safe School Plan, and reducing the negligence liability of the school district.”

NISWS has received over 20 calls from recently funded school districts (average grant over $500,000) and been invited to speak at numerous conferences as the educators determine how to spend these targeted funds in their schools. The highest demand is for the NISWS School Safety Plan and Emergency Management Plan that are an essential first step in implementing a viable safety or security program. NISWS also conducts independent safety assessments and is often asked to train local school staff in the proper method to conduct a school safety audit.

December 19, 2003: Wolfgang is granted power of attorney status for his mother.



January 2004: Security Magazine, a trade publication, references Wolfgang Halbig, The Diocese of Orlando, and Sonitrol in its “best practices” column, describing the presentation Wolfgang delivered..


The Diocese of Orlando (Fla.) is one of many educational organizations throughout the country that has participated in school safety workshops aimed at reducing risk, which are sponsored by Alexandria, Va.-based Sonitrol, part of the Tyco Fire & Security family. Sonitrol conducted two different workshops for the diocese: one for principals and assistant principals of the organization’s 35 Catholic schools, and a second for the 900 diocesan school employees. The outcome: a safe-school committee, which drafted an emergency-management plan with a quick-reference guide for each of the classrooms within the school district. “The key to making schools safe is to reduce risk on a daily basis,” says Wolfgang Halbig, executive director at the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.

February 6, 2004: Are Schools Safe Places? [LINK]

Wolfgang Halbig, head of the Orlando-based National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, said schools don’t need to lock bathrooms. Just check them.

“That’s where the kids go to harass, bully and threaten,” he said. “All you have to do is walk in and do a cursory look. What’s it got to take for someone to pay attention? You must provide adequate supervision at all times.”

March 16 2004: PR from National Institute for School and Workplace Safety announces that a more lucrative Anne Arundel deal has been signed, suggesting an imminent financial windfall.


NISWS Lands Important Contract.

 “”The National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: NIFW), a Heathrow- based publicly traded company specializing in school safety and security issues, just received a $395,000 one-year contract to assess 122 schools and provide training for bus drivers, administrators, teachers, and staff in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. NISWS was selected over 15 national security companies that had bid on the project. The company is also providing the County with the “Save-A-Friend” Hotline Service and a character education program called “Break the Code of Silence.”

According to Executive Director Wolfgang Halbig: “Taking on a project of this magnitude is a big step for the company. NISWS has struggled for five years to prove itself as a leading provider of school safety and security programs. Our successful bid in such a large school district substantiates our position as an industry leader. Very few companies have the experience in the market that we have pulled together, it is nice to be recognized for our accomplishments.”

This one contract will double the revenues generated by the company in its best year of operation in a market misunderstood by many security companies. “Schools must trust you to let you in to help them,” says Halbig, the former Security Director for Seminole County Schools. “This is a face-to-face business that has taken us five years to break into the larger school districts. We have worked very hard to build our reputation in over 30 states and 100 of the 17,006 school districts over the last five years; this is our year to shine.”

Chapter 7: Think of the Children


February 21, 1997: Wolfgang Hablig gets his gun stolen by a students at his school


Police: Teen Sold Stolen Gun To Student

February 21, 1997, By Sharon McBreen of The Sentinel Staff

LONGWOOD — A gun stolen from the director of security at Seminole County schools has made its way into the hands of a high school student, deputy sheriffs said.

The irony is not lost on Wolfgang Halbig, whose Whisperwood home was burglarized last week.

”My big concern is the firearms and shells (that were stolen),” Halbig said. ”I didn’t want anybody getting hurt. I mean, gosh, I’m the director of security.”

Seminole deputy sheriffs arrested a 15-year-old Lake Brantley High School student after finding a box of Halbig’s stolen belongings in the boy’s home.

Question #9 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How did that student get his hands on your firearm? You’re a director of security for the school system and you let a student got ahold of your weapon? Why didn’t you stop him? Who does that??

April 25, 1997:Boy Takes Loaded .357 To School” – barely two months since Wolfgang’s sidearm was stolen by a student, another student is found to have brought a gun onto the school campus that Wolfgang is supposedly responsible for securing.[LINK]

”The thing I feel good about is, I’m glad the kids took the responsibility in stepping forward,” said security director Wolfgang Halbig. ”This is exactly what we expect of our young people.”

July 14 1997: Kathy Halbig purchases the property at Lot 70, Cambridge Commons, AKA 1821 Cranberry Isles Way. She is “a single person” [LINK]




August 26 1997: http://www.scps.k12.fl.us/PORTALS/53/assets/pdf/1997meetings/9997/Sbmints.pdf

Dr. Kuhn congratulated Wolfgang Halbig for his appointment to the Safe and Drug-Free Grant Task Force.

September 9, 1997: The Seminole County School Board records in their meeting minutes that one particular session attendee (potentially Richard Wells, who frequently attended ) was aggressively pushing for “the inclusion of site-based administrators and support administrators in future work sessions.” [LINK]

The meeting minutes suggest that the rest of the board was reluctant to allow the inclusion of contractors to board meetings. Wolfgang brought them in anyway.

Based on discussion at the last Board meeting by one of the members and in a continued effort to provide the Board with a broad source of information, the planning team and superintendent have discussed the inclusion of site-based administrators and support administrators in future work sessions. In this manner, an added dimension might be provided through the viewpoint or perspective of our “front line” administrators.

The next work session which deals with Security and Safety will include an overview by Wolfgang Halbig followed by short security perspectives to be shared by an elementary, middle and high school principal. Other possible sessions might include House Bill 1956, reading remediation, grouping practices, retention policy, E.S.O.L., purchasing practices, graduation requirements, elementary foreign language or license for learning opportunities. A district-based representative, as well as several principals, might be asked to discuss how these subjects pertain to their particular school sites.

If would be our intent to try this format for a few work sessions to provide the Board with a broadened input for the decision making process. At that point, you may wish to review this new direction.

September 30, 1997: Email from Bill Ford (Sonitrol) to Wolfgang:


October 1, 1997: A Cop In Class – “Education Week” article describes Halbig’s unconventional approach to safety inspections, noting that he is the “creator” of a method that integrates outside contractors. [LINK]

Unlike other districts that have conducted undercover probes to root out drug rings on campuses, Seminole County, part of suburban Orlando, decided to take a long-term, comprehensive look at school safety and classroom-discipline techniques. So far, this type of “safety audit,” as its creator has dubbed it, appears to be unique to the 55,000-student Florida district. “People in this country are tired of teachers being shot and killed and kids losing their lives at school,” says Wolfgang Halbig, who conceived the operation as security director for the Seminole County schools. “We’ve got to get a handle on it.”

Only Halbig, district superintendent Paul Hagerty, and the county sheriff knew the identity of the undercover officer and the schools she was working. The school board signed off on the overall plan to arrest students. By the end of the operation, 33 students and adults were arrested on charges involving marijuana, LSD, and cocaine. Several students have pleaded guilty and some students are awaiting sentencing. Most will be expelled. “This was a message to students,” says Hagerty.

October 14, 1997: Approval of additional staff for Wolf, reference from Sonitrol. (ABOVE)

November 19, 1997: – Authorization for travel expense to WA




January 12, 1998: Halbig is quoted in an article about a safety hotline, “Callers Would be Anonymous”



Kathleen Halbig takes a personal leave, lasting almost four months



INSTRUCTIONAL PERSONNEL RETURNING TO DUTY FROM LEAVE OF ABSENCE 6. Halbig, Kathleen S – South Seminole Middle School, Teacher Dropout Prevent, Return from Leave Date 7/27/1998

February 24, 1998 – Seminole County School Board meeting

April 26, 1998: “Editorial: hotline got a cool reception.” – article notes that Wolfgang’s hotline found funding and is being turned on, despite initial difficulties allocating the funds; an unnamed “private party” provided the funds. [LINK]

April 27 1998 “break the code of silence” video is produced by Seminole County Schools, for the purpose of marketing the “Save-A-Friend” hotline that Wolfgang markets. In the article, Wolfgang strongly advocates for third party security contractors. [LINK]



May 24, 1998, Wolfgang’s son graduates High School[LINK]

July 11, 1998, 5. Halbig, Wolfgang W. – Ombudsman/Security, District Security Chief, Temporary Duty to Attend the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers 29th Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Leave Date 7/11/1998, Return from Leave Date 7/15/1998 (Registration and Lodging Paid by the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers)

July 23, 1998 “Basic policy to deal with violence to be ready by August” Wolfgang endorses having an “emergency management team trained at each school.” . [LINK]

August 5, 1998 “District pens plan to stamp out violence in schools.” – plans in other districts are expected to based on Wolfgang’s plan. [LINK]

August 9, 1998:

October 11, 1998 – In an article about school violence, Project Excel is mentioned as an alternative school for troubled students. It is noted that “Almost 92 percent of the students who pass through Project Excel go back into the traditional school system and are successful, ” according to Wolfgang Halbig. [LINK]

2012 Wolf says:


While at Excel, according to Halbig’s 2012 deposition, he sustained an injury (and destroyed part of the school) while attempting to restrain a student. This resulted in a worker’s comp claim.

October 29,1998 http://www.scps.k12.fl.us/PORTALS/53/assets/pdf/1999meetings/2999/bigbook.PDF 

ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION – Contact: Jim Dawson Regional Summit on Safe and Secure Schools — The Department of Education conducted regional summits on Safe and Secure Schools during the first semester of the 1998-99 school year. Personnel from Seminole County attended the summit on October 29, 1998, which was held in Orlando. The members of the Seminole Team included, Darvin Boothe, Judy Wiant, Hortense Evans, Wolfgang Halbig, and Jim Dawson. Each team member attends break out session that was scheduled throughout the day and all felt that the information was valuable. A follow-up meeting of the Seminole Team was held on November 23, 1998. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the various activities and session the team members attended at the Summit and also to develop any strategies for implementation of programs that may benefit Seminole County. Listed below are the main topics discussed.


August 30, 1998: Students In Trouble Dig Out With A Boost From Excel –  Gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush visits Project Excel. Halbig would later claim that Jeb made promises to him during a visit to Excel, regarding what he would do about school safety appointments if he was elected. [LINK]

December 2, 1998 ttp://www.scps.k12.fl.us/PORTALS/53/assets/pdf/1998meetings/111798/bigbook.PDF 

The total security program of Seminole County Schools is being noticed at all levels. Last week, the Heathrow Chamber of Commerce presented Wolfgang Halbig, the District Security Chief, with an award recognizing his passion for the safety of students. On December 2 at the State School Board Association Meeting in Tampa, Wolf will be the co-keynote speaker and lead two breaks out sessions. On a national level, Wolf was one of three district security leaders interviewed for an upcoming article in the National School Board Journal. In November, he will be making a presentation for the Educational Law Association in South Carolina. .

Dec 15 1998 – Budget appropriation for 11 School Resource Officers and 2 D.A.R.E. officers is submitted by Richard C. Wells (Exec. Director of Support Services) and Wolfgang W. Halbig (District Security Chief) and approved by the Seminole County school board.            http://www.scps.k12.fl.us/PORTALS/53/assets/pdf/1998meetings/121598/bigbook.PDF


Jan 27 1999:  Miami-Dade Plan Expands Officer Jurisdiction – Education Weekly covers a tentative plan in Miami-Dade County to “expand the jurisdiction of its school police force to areas near its schools.”

And whatever the positive impact for the community, the schools could suffer, he said. “If officers are dealing with other issues, who’s taking care of the school?” Mr. Blauvelt said.

Wolfgang Halbig, the director of school security in Seminole County, Fla., agreed. “There are a lot of ramifications” for a program like this, said Mr. Halbig, who manages 37 officers in his 60,000-student district.

“[Dade] is such a big school district–just to go another step could create other problems for themselves,” he said. “The officers could lose sight of what their role truly is.”


February 21, 1999: Spring Break Camp Offers Entertainment, Enrichment – The Orlando Sentinel records an education “camp” hosted by Wolfgang Halbig. [LINK]

THE ALTAMONTE Elementary PTA will host two meetings with Wolfgang Halbig, director of security for Seminole County Public Schools.

Halbig will address parents’ concerns at 7 p.m. on Monday and 9 a.m. Thursday at the school, 525 Pineview St., Altamonte Springs. Halbig will discuss issues ranging from school safety to School Board accountability for students. Because of the adult subject matter, the PTA is asking that student not attend.

April 20, 1999: Columbine High School shooting. Throughout the years going forward, Wolfgang would attempt to imply that he was involved in some capacity with the investigation into this student event. Investigators can find no evidence of any official Halbig involvement whatsoever.

April 23, 1999, After Massacre in Littleton, Schools Are Expected to Tighten Security


Wolfgang Halbig, director of security for Florida’s Seminole County school district, says before it started using surveillance cameras and undercover agents in 1993, 19 guns were confiscated in a year from students. Since the measures were put in place, gun confiscations have dwindled to zero this year.

April 25, 1999 – “Before the Danger, There are Signs” – a post-Columbine article in the Orlando Sentinel quotes Wolfgang, who warns that shootings “can happen any time, anywhere.” :[LINK]

A deadly school shooting “can happen any time, anywhere,” said Wolfgang Halbig, security director for Seminole County public schools. Ron Pinnell, director of secondary education, agreed. “Crime and violence have come boldly walking through the front gates of our schools,” he said.

May 11, 1999: Wolfgang is among those recommended for re-hire for the next school year in Seminole County. http://www.scps.k12.fl.us/PORTALS/53/assets/pdf/1999meetings/51199/reap99.PDF

May 12, 1999: Police To Get School Floor Plans – Wolfgang is noted as having recognized opportunities for procedural changes after Columbine. He pushes for a mysterious “private company” to produce “floor plans” of every school. [LINK]

Blueprints, which provide much more detail about a building, aren’t necessary unless an incident occurs at a school.

With that in mind, Halbig said, the district has promised to make available blueprints of any building it owns within an hour of any crisis.

A private company has offered to produce the floor plans at no cost, Halbig said.

He declined to identify the company, but he added that the owner has children who attend county schools.

May 18, 1999: “Marcum looking for a collaborative approach to students safety in the school system” news story profiles the “first safe schools supervisor for the Marion County Public School System” – a position apparently based on Halbig’s role in Seminole County. Brian Marcum, the first appointee to this position, met Halbig through their delivering of safety presentations with students.

In this profile, it is further noted that:

Marion County created this job opening “following the recommendations of a safe schools task force that met last summer.

“Marcum has also worked with Halbig as a presenter on safety training for teachers at various conferences.”

The two men met when Halbig was an assistant principal at Lake Mary High School in Seminole County. Marcum was the school resource officer there.”

Question #10 Wolfgang MUST answer: What was the nature of your professional relationship with Mr. Marcum? 

  • Were you guys just really good friends? Who likes to make money together?
  • Did he give you a cut after you got the district to create a job for you?
  • Did you sell any services to his district after you left to go into the private sector?
  • Did you disclose any of this information to the district when you were signing all those contracts?
  • Were you surprised when someone finally called you out on all these conflicts of interest, and you subsequently lost that contract in Maryland?

May 30, 1999: Surprise Inspections – Ron Davis responds, apparently to  letter to the editor from a concerned citizen, citing Wolfgang’s performance as a “security director.” The same Ron Davis would go into business with Wolfgang just months later.


IN REPLY to Harry Buffkin’s letter about school security, as one who has only been in the education arena for 10 months and coming from a 25-year career in law enforcement, I would like to answer some of his questions.

I have witnessed security director Wolfgang Halbig make eight unannounced security inspections at elementary, middle and high schools.

I have witnessed more than 11 different meetings and workshops he has conducted to improve security in Seminole County public schools.


June 15, 1999 – Wolfgang conducts a “School Safety Presentation” which is listed in the appendix of the Safe Schools Task Force in October 1999:

Organizational Meeting-Senate Task Force on School Safety Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Lake Mary, Florida School Safety Presentation Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, Director of Security Seminole County Schools District 

Staff for Senator Dyer: Bruce Antone Suzanne Denson Gloria Warden

June 16, 1999 – How To Stem Students Violence? – Wolfgang is quoted in another article on school safety, and expresses doubt that teachers would “know how to break up a fight.” He cites this as a reason for setting up “six regional training sites.“ [LINK]

Wolfgang Halbig, security director for Seminole County schools, recommended several ways to make schools more secure. Each school district needs a security director, Halbig said, and data about crime and violence at schools must be maintained for all grades.

Also, Halbig said, the Legislature should fund a Florida safe-schools training center to prepare school personnel to deal with school safety and security issues.

“Metal detectors at every door are not going to stop a school shooting on campus,” he said.

He suggested setting up six regional training sites that would operate under the guidance of the state education commissioner. Teachers don’t know how to break up a fight,” Halbig said, “but if they walk away, they’re negligent.”

June 25, 1999, Kathleen Halbig is listed as “a single person.

July 22, 1999 – fulfillment of mortgage

July 23, 1999 – a person named Denise defaults on a debt to Wolfgang.


August 13 1999 – Wolfgang starts NATIONAL SAFE SCHOOL INSTITUTE, INC.

September 14, 1999 – Wolfgang retires from Seminole County Public Schools

ADMINISTRATIVE TERMINATIONS AND RESIGNATIONS for 1999-00 1. Davis, Ronald Edward – Educational Support Center, Ombudsman/security, Professional Stnd Investigator, Reason: Resig for employ outside educa, Termination Effective Date 9/08/1999 2. Halbig, Wolfgang W – Educational Support Center, Ombudsman/security, District Security Chief, Reason: Retired, Termination Effective Date 12/01/1999 

His associates Ron Davis and Richard Wells leave with him:

September 8, 1999 3 Founders Center Their Company On Campus And Corporate Safety – An article about the departures of Halbig, Wells, and Davis, and their plans to start a private company (NISWS) providing school safety services. [LINK]

Lazy days on the golf course, in a fishing boat or in front of the TV aren’t on Wolfgang Halbig’s horizon. Days after retiring as security director for Seminole County schools, he is immersed in his new job, one that still revolves around the safety of students and teachers.

Halbig, administrator Richard Wells and professional-standards investigator Ron Davis recently left their jobs with the school district to form the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, a business that will have headquarters in the Lake Mary-Heathrow area.

It’s going to be tough to walk away because I love public schools. I love what I do,” Halbig said.

At the same time, he said, he eagerly anticipated the challenge of the new venture.

Halbig, Davis, and Wells boast years of experience in campus security, police work and school administration. They plan to put that experience to work training school and business employees about safety, security and aggressive-behavior management. An investment company in the Tampa Bay area is providing the financial backing for the institute, Halbig said.


Halbig, who serves on state and federal safe-school task forces, said the business didn’t spring from April’s fatal school shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. Still, said Davis, a former Florida Highway Patrol trooper, the three have commiserated many times about the string of violent school tragedies in recent years.


The new company already has three contracts lined up, in Dade County, Indiana and Nebraska, Halbig said.

The institute will teach strategies that Halbig said he helped implement as the district’s security chief. Those measures include developing emergency-management plans, forming safe-school teams, adding security cameras where needed on campuses and setting up hotlines so students can anonymously report peers who make threats or bring weapons to school.

November 26, 1999: Some teachers say self-defense should be required –  Article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune quotes Wolfgang on school safety, who again suggests he has expertise in “how to restrain a child professionally.” [LINK]


March 2000 issue of American School Board Journal: Halbig’s article, “Breaking the Code of Silence” is published. By now, Halbig’s carefully constructed resume is firmly in place.

I have been an assistant principal, a teacher and coach, a state police officer, and a director of school district security. In all these roles, I saw how and why a code of silence is so deeply ingrained in youth culture. Historically, students have been loath to “tattle,” “rat,” or “narc” on their peers — especially in secondary grades when social acceptance often overrides the urge to do the right thing. Added to that reluctance is a fear of violent retribution for turning someone in that is probably more real today than ever before.

June 23 2000 – “Security Equipment Not Answer To School Safety” – Article about Wolf’s appearance at a conference in Nebraska. At the conference, Halbig shares an anecdote about drugs being found on a student during a visit from Governor Jeb Bush, the same story he related in his “Break the Code of Silence” article the previous month. [ARCHIVE]

Lincoln — A Florida State Trooper turned school teacher and administrator believes metal detectors and video cameras aren’t the answer to school safety – cooperation and respect are.

“It’s about people. It’s about us being out there and greeting the kids,” said Wolfgang Halbig, president and CEO of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.

[…] A stumbling block to this approach, Halbig acknowledges, is that with the coming new-teacher shortage and massive retirements of experienced educators, it’ll be tough to find any teachers at all – much less deeply caring ones who want to get involved in their students’ lives. Combine that with a 23 percent spike in the number of kids aged 14-17 by 2005, and there are challenges ahead. Halbig said the entire community needs to recognize that children will do illegal things, and come together to take preventive measures. An example: Around six months ago, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was to visit a high school campus. The morning of his visit school officials got a call from a student warning them that another student would be selling marijuana in the parking lot. Officials caught the student with 28 bags of marijuana, but the principal didn’t want Gov. Bush – and the hordes of reporters following him – to know about the bust. That frustrated Halbig, who thought it would have made a good learning opportunity about the value of working together to promote safety and lawful behavior in school. “Now Jeb Bush left that day thinking there’s not a problem. We have to share the good as well as the bad and not be afraid of it,” Halbig said.

In the same article, Nebraska governor Mike Johanns expresses concern about bringing in costly security consultants like Halbig:

According to Johanns spokesman Chris Peterson, the governor has two main concerns. First, suppose a school district has an outside party review its school safety plan, and the reviewer recommends the school take some action to improve safety. Further suppose the school doesn’t take that action, and something untoward happens that would have been prevented if it had taken that action. What kind of additional, potential legal liability does that place on the school? Second, the governor is unsure whether the wording of the rule would require a safety review simply by a neighboring school district’s superintendent, or by a $200 an hour security consultant. The former option is free, and the latter option is an unfunded mandate.

August 23 2000: NISWS’s Ron Davis emails Governor Jeb Bush, begging to expand their Seminole County system to all of Florida (note: formatting from source doc has been edited for readability.)

—–Original Message—–

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 11:46 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: School Safety and Security

NAME: Ron Davis

ADDRESS: 249 Kettle Court

Casselberry, FL 32707

Governor Bush:

We met several times during both campaign’s in Orlando, as well as in Seminole County School District,where at that time School Security Director WOLFGANG HALBIG and I had the honor of spending time with you on how we had made National News on making this school district so much safer and aware of special training to all employees,which we designed and directed.

You requested us to get back with you after the ELECTION,to discuss further the need for all

School Districts in Florida to at least see and evaluate what we have to offer.

Since, we too have moved on. We retired and started a National Company in School

Safety and Security along with a Retired School Superintendent. See our web

site www.nisws.com

I am a retired State Law Enforcement officer from FLORIDA. 17 yrs as a State

Trooper and 8 yrs with Lawson Lamar, State Attorney Office-Investigator.I

was honored to be State Trooper of the Year in 1987 and received by Gov.

Martinez and Cabinet. We are still trying to get to see you, per your request.We can

truly help more districts,if given the chance.With respect and love to


RON DAVIS and Family

Davis receives a one-sentence reply from Bush’s office. He responds, apparently frustrated that he promised meeting between NISWS and Governor Bush has still not materialized..

From: Ron Davis <[email protected]>

To: Florida Governor

Date: 8/29/2000 2:21:01 PM

Subject: RE: School Safety and Security

Dear Ms. Murray

Thank you for your response, we will be in Talla. on Sept. 8th meeting with F.D.L.E. Comm Tim Moore and staff reference our track record in helping school districts and law enforcement working together, per our training and software package that Attorney General Janet Reno praised when we met her in Wash. D.C.

Last night in Lake Mary,Fl. we met with Attorney General Butterworth, who also asked us to come see him, as his interest for our kids and school staff remains a priority. We are still needing to see the Gov. or Lt. Gov, hopefully on the 8th or 9th, as they requested during their swing through Seminole County School District many months ago, and saw what all we have done and are doing for other counties and now other States. As the Gov. of Nebraska told us “Jeb Bush should be very happy to have you guys in his State assisting him in the school safety and security program” see per our

web site www.nisws.com, because press was present I did not have the heart to tell him, we have yet been able to see him, even though he asked us to meet with him months ago. Can you assist us please,let it show true that the little people can still be heard and seen.

Thank You So Much

Ron Davis

September 28, 2000 The National “Break The Code of Silence” Foundation established, with Wolfgang as one of its Directors. Another director of the foundation, Wayne Blanton, is also director of the Florida School Boards Association.

October 2, 2000:  School Security Experts Bring Message to Region – article in the Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois covers a school safety conference, including a presentation by Wolfgang Halbig.  [LINK]

Never let somebody else tell you how to do your job, Halbig, a retired school administrator and police officer, said. “Never let another teacher tell you about a kid, no matter what the kid looks like,” he said. Halbig instructed his clerical staff that if a caller appeared to be going in the direction of a bomb threat, abruptly ask if they can hold for a moment. Count to five then pick up the line again. While on hold, the caller’s telephone number pops up on caller ID. Also, chances are the caller will hang up while on hold if it’s a prank. “If they’re still there, they’re serious as a heartbeat,” he said. He also tells his staff not to hang up the telephone when bomb threats are called in, even if the caller hangs up. This makes it easier to trace the calls.

[…] Halbig puts more stock in adequate staff supervision than security cameras. Luanne Brown, security director at Carbondale Community High School, took issue with this, in part. She said cameras are not as effective as in-person supervision. But she said they do work as a deterrent. She was struck by a comment by Halbig, that teachers often make the mistake of “assuming students respect them.” This mistake, he said, can be painful or even deadly when teachers, instead of seeking help, try to handle a violent or weapons-related situation on their own and students prove them wrong. Teachers often don’t know how to break up fights. Proper training can help prevent a teachers’ students restraint efforts from becoming negligence or from hurting or killing a student, as has happened.

[…] This is just the lull before the storm, Halbig said several times, referring to how the growing lack of respect students and their parents have for teachers and school staff likely will lead to more violence. Federal statistics say school deaths are down, Halbig said, but he said these statistics do not keep track of the non-fatal shootings and stabbings. “These people in Washington, think tanks, don’t like it when I say this, but have they driven a school bus lately?” he said.

[…] Halbig had an element of alarm in his presentation. Oral sex, he said, is the No. 1 issue in middle schools nationwide. He talked about kids beating kids to death in bathrooms and students shooting or striking teachers and other students.

October 13 2000: – Wolf is confirmed for the Partnership for School Safety and Security.

Docs showing appointment:






October 16, 2000: Wolfgang Halbig emails Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Written under the all-caps subject line A PROMISE IS A PROMISE, Wolfgang’s expresses support for Jeb as well as President George W Bush, before once again requesting that the governer follow through on his supposed promise to help NISWS. The home address Wolfgang provides is an apartment.

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: [email protected]
Date: 10/6/2000 5:26:10 PM

My name is WOLFGANG W. HALBIG, I am the former director of PROJECT EXCEL an alternative school for students who have been expelled from public schools in Seminole County. You were our guest twice with parents and all of our students appreciative of your visit. We provided excellent media coverage for your visit. You extended your hand to me, and promised that if you were elected governor of our state that you would extend an invitation in discussing school safety and alternative education. 

I believe in you and your brother in providing new vision and leadership for America. I am a
naturalized citizen of this country who earned the privilege. I taught American Government in High Schools hoping to share my passion about government and on how we can make a difference.
 I just gave the keynote speech for SAFE SCHOOLS in the state of NEBRASKA, invited by the
Commissioner of Education and the Governor of the state of Nebraska. I am currently training over 1500 school resource officers and school administrators through the Federal Cops program across the United States, one of those national programs is slated for Tampa Florida in August.

If you know anyone in a company called FAMILY FIRST out of Tampa Florida, they evaluated our program and would be an excellent reference. AS YOU CAN SEE I AM TRYING…. I have no political clout except for my passion for our children and teachers in public schools. All I can do is ask for your consideration, you have children as does your brother, teaching character education is vital, I have always been taught that a promise is a promise. I am only asking because I believe in what we are trying to accomplish.

407-496-5551 cell

p.s. I saw you at the Charlotte, N.C. Airport and you asked me to E-Mail You.

December 16, 2000: A person writes to Governor Bush, claiming to be an acquaintance of Wolfgang Halbig and seeking placement on the  school safety committee.

—–Original Message—-From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 4:13 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Safety Committee for Florida

Hello Governor Bush,

My name is Dr. Peggy Jones, and I am the principal of Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Florida. I am very proud to say we are one of the 10 original New Millennium High Schools in the state of Florida. Our county teacher of the year for Indian River County, Susan Lovelace, was with you not
too long ago, and she enjoyed the roundtable discussion with you. She invited you to come to our school. I am writing to invite you again to our wonderful school–we really do come “out of the box” at Sebastian.

I would also love to make a request. Wolfgang Halbig, a consultant for our district for school safety, told me he was asked to be one of 10 people on a safety committee for the state. He has
been with our district a couple of times and we have invited him back to be at SRHS all day with us on February 7th. I asked him if there were any high school principals on this committee. He did not believe so. Do you have room for one more? I attended a state safety conference about three years
ago in Orlando—Lt. Governor Brogan was there, and I really enjoyed it.

Governor Bush responds:

From: Jeb Bush
To: ‘[email protected]
BCC: Brown Brewser (E-mail)
Brown Brewser (EOG) (E-mail)
Date: 12/16/2000 4:38:17 PM

Subject: RE: Safety Committee for Florida

Thank you for writing. I will check on the status of the school safety committee. Either myself or Brewser Brown will be back to you.

Jeb Bush