The Fall of Wolfgang Halbig

The Fall of Wolfgang Halbig 2015_______________ January 2015: William Shanley’s trillion-dollar lawsuit is dismissed (though he goes on to file several more, with similar results): March 13, 2015:During an appearance on The Richie Allen Show,” Wolfgang Halbig announces that he is possession of a firearm, and has trained to use it. [LINK] “There are things happening … Read more

Chapter 12: Year of the Wolf

Wolfgang Halbig

  Chapter 12: Year of the Wolf 2014________________ January 17 2014: Facebook comment from Wolfgang Halbig suggests that Sandy Hook has occupied the same place in his psyche that his obsession with President Obama had in years previous. January 22, 2014: Wolfgang sends the following email (according to Professor James F. Tracy of Florida Atlantic University) suggesting that Lake … Read more

Chapter 11: The Scent

  Chapter 11: the Scent 2012________________ 2012-current THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO WOLFGANG: Executive Director for the Children’s Safety Institute 2012-current January 5, 2012: Recording, preliminary autopsy shed new light – Wolfgang is quoted for an article regarding the use of deadly force in schools, after police shoot and kill  17-year-old Jaime Gonzalez Jr. after he … Read more

Chapter 8: Axis of Evil

Chapter 8: Axis of Evil 2001________________________ Jan 18 2001: Wolfgang again emails Governor Bush. He attaches two articles from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which are not included in the state’s email archives, but probably had to do with tip lines given the context of the email: From: Wolfgang Halbig To: Jeb Bush 1/18/2001 9:20:31 PM The Atlanta … Read more

Chapter 7: Think of the Children

Chapter 7: Safety for Students in School 1997_________________ February 10 1997: Halbig collects on a debt. February 21, 1997: Wolfgang Hablig gets his gun stolen by a students at his school Police: Teen Sold Stolen Gun To Student February 21, 1997, By Sharon McBreen of The Sentinel Staff LONGWOOD — A gun stolen from … Read more

Chapter 6: Quadro Sinko

Chapter 6: Quadro Sinko 1994-1995 THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO WOLFGANG: Seminole County Public Schools Project Director/School Principal and Co-Designer of Project Excel, 1994-1995 1994_____________________ March 29 1994 Wolf is noted as being the principal of Excel, “the district’s new alternative high school for disruptive students.” In this role, he brings “US Customs Inspectors” to the school, … Read more

Chapter 5: Splitsville

Chapter 5: Splitsville 1991__________________ Wolfgang Halbig is working at Lyman High School as Assistant Principal during this time. 1992__________________ June 21, 1992: Schools, Parents Debate Proposed Anti-drug Policy  Wolfgang is quoted in an article about curbing teen alcohol use, foreshadowing thread that will become prominent in his own family life in the years to come: School … Read more